If you’ve been wanting to create a Christmas bucket list, fill an advent calendar, or simply spend more quality time with your family, these holiday activities are sure to create cherished memories. Celebrate the Christmas season during the month of December with these fun ideas. I look forward to our 25 Days of Christmas all year, and can hardly wait to begin. Start planning now, and figure out which of these options work for your family. Add in a few local attractions to round out your list of activities. The 25 Days of Christmas (or Christmas Bucket List) will become a cherished and much anticipated holiday tradition.

  1. Make, decorate, and deliver Christmas cookies to family and friends
  2. Read Christmas books
  3. Play carols on the piano (or a cd) and sing along!
  4. Visit Santa
  5. Serve red/green food for dinner
  6. Take a walk through the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights
  7. Drive through the town to look at Christmas lights (Check your local paper to find out where the “BIG” displays are in your town!)
  8. Decorate the Christmas tree
  9. Shop for presents
  10. Watch a Christmas movie as a family (Snuggle up with popcorn, cocoa, and Christmas treats to make the evening more special!)
  11. Do a Christmas craft
  12. Celebrate St. Nicholas Day on December 6th.  Have your children put out their shoes with carrots/apples for Santa’s reindeer, and replace them with a small gift in the morning.
  13. Camp out under the tree.
  14. Go out for dinner or a special treat
  15. Snowman Night! (Make a snowman pizza using 3 dough circles and a white sauce. Serve snowman donuts using powdered sugar donuts with a candy corn nose. If you don’t have snow, make paper plate snowmen instead!)
  16. Have a birthday party for Jesus.
  17. Hot cocoa night (Set up a hot chocolate bar with all the fixings. Whipped cream, marshmallows, candy canes, and red sugar sprinkles are a great start.)
  18. Make paper snowflakes
  19. Write a letter to Santa
  20. Celebrate Christmas Past. Watch old home movies of Christmas morning. Flip through old Christmas photos. Tell stories and share favorite holiday memories.
  21. Make ornaments such as applesauce and cinnamon ornaments, salt dough ornaments, popcorn garlands, or paper ornaments.
  22. Go on a Christmas scavenger hunt. Make a list of items such as candy canes, inflatable Santa, blue Christmas lights, etc. Drive through your town until you’ve found every item on the list.
  23. Make reindeer food, and scatter it in your front yard. (A mix of oats and glitter will delight the average child. Have them help you stir the food and scatter it in the yard. After they go to bed, clean up some of the food. A shop-vac works great!)
  24. Bubble bath by Christmas lights
  25. Make gifts for the birds (bird feeders!)
  26. Wrap presents. (Let the kids help. They will be so proud of their misshapen and messily wrapped gifts!)
  27. Make Christmas cards for family/classmates/etc.
  28. Make a gingerbread house
  29. Watch your local city/town’s tree lighting ceremony
  30. Make holiday candy. My favorites include fudge, buckeyes, and peppermint bark.