An innovative design for baby clothes?  Really.  YES – a NEW babywear line called ZIPIT has “arrived” just in time for the holiday gift giving season.  Inspired by a Manhattan mom’s experience of wrestling to get clothes over her baby’s wobbly head – fussing with all those snaps – and always rushing to get out the door, ZIPIT is solution-oriented play clothes for little boys and girls (newborn-12 months).

When I heard about ZIPIT, I’ll admit…I was hooked! I had to know more about a clothing line for babies that did NOT involve all of those infernal snaps! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a slew of bad words run through my head while attempting to snap my child back into their jammies at 3 in the morning. I was SO tired of having a wrestling match with my child as I struggled to simply get them dressed before they rolled away…for the millionth time! I always thought there had to be a better way….and ZIPIT figured it out! (Plus…they’re really cute!!)

You have to love the ingenuity of a design that features a quick and easy way to check a diaper! Find this feature in all ZIPIT Playsuits!

My little girl got to try out the Got Milk Romper. Not only was it super cute (LOVE the little glass of milk on her buns!), but it was SO easy to get her dressed!!! I LOVE (love love) the zippered concept! No snaps. No fuss. Easy peasy! Without the struggle of over-the-head dressing and countless and confusing snaps, you’ll have your baby looking cute and ready to go in no time!


ZIPIT is as easy as 1…  Well, 1!  Just ONE quick zip and you’re done.  

  • Colorful + Comfy – everything from rompers to dresses to snuggle suits – all gifts are under $50 (
  • “Santa Baby” has new meaning this year – this time, “he’s” leaving the treats for little tikes….with animated cookies and milk on the “tush” area of the playsuits, dresses and more!

All of the ZIPIT outfits are trendy and adorable! I love all of the color combinations, and the sleek look of each piece.

With all the running around parents have to do, what could be easier than one zip!  ZIPIT features only safe, cuddly, zipper closures.

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Surprise a mom-to-be or the mom of a little one with an item or two from the ZIPIT line this holiday season! This would make the perfect gift for baby AND Mom!! (Trust me!)

Check out the entire ZIPIT line HERE!