Sure, New Year’s Eve used to be about the big party, the late night, and perhaps a gin and tonic or two. But for many of us, young children make going out on New Year’s Eve out of the question. (Do you know how hard it is to convince someone to baby-sit on New Year’s Eve?!) For those of us who will be home with our little ones as we ring n the new year, fret not…there is still fun to be had and memories to be made.

New Years Snacks

1. Pretzel Rod Sparklers

Dip pretzel rods into melted chocolate or bark of your choice, and roll the tops in brightly colored sprinkles to create “sparklers!” Your kids will think this is great! I found this example over at Katie’s Kitchen.

2. New Year’s Hats

Square pretzels and Rolos create these adorable New Year’s hats! Ring in the new year with these tasty bites. I found this over at

3. Countdown Marshmallows

Use a bit of food coloring and some colored sugar to create these great countdown marshmallows! SO cute and super easy! This idea was found over at The Decorate Cookie.

4. New Year’s Cookies and Milk

I saw this idea over at The Inspired Room, and loved it! Your kids will feel pretty special getting to drink out of the “fancy” cups, just like the adults.

New Years Activities

1. Watch Happy New Year Charlie Brown!

This movie is streaming on Netflix right now! If you don’t have Netlfix, you can try this link, and attempt to watch it online via TV Guide and ABC.

2. Make a New Year’s Eve Popper

Find the directions to make these cute poppers over at Make and Takes.

3. All About Me

This is the perfect time of year to stop and record a snapshot of who your child is in this moment. Include things like all of their favorites (food, show, book, subject, animal, color, etc.) Also make sure to include things like their favorite moments of the past year, things they hope to accomplish in the next, etc.

4. Glitter Balloons

Fill up balloons with glitter or small confetti prior to blowing them up.  Image credit to Domestic Charm.

5. Make a Times Square Ball

Pin sequins to a styrofoam ball to create your own ball! I found the image at (There aren’t directions, but it looks pretty easy!)

Other Ideas

1. Make Goals

Kids can set goals for themselves too! Talk to your kids about what it means to set a goal and ask them to come up with one or two things they’d like to improve or change in the coming year.

2. Glow!

Kids (okay, adults too) love glow sticks! Pick up a few glow sticks, necklaces, etc and have fun in the dark!

3. Bubble and Fizz

Google sparkly drink recipes for kids or go easy on yourself and pick up a bottle of sparkling cider or lemonade. There are so many varieties out there. My kids think sparkling cider is a real treat!

Have fun ringing in the new year with your kids this year! Remember that you don’t need that “When Harry Met Sally” New Year’s Eve moment to have a great night. Friends and parties will come and go….but your babies are yours forever. Who better to celebrate with than your family? Have a blessed new year everyone.