Out and About with a More than a Handful of Kids

Even I have to admit that sometimes it’s a little tricky to go out when you’ve got more kids than hands. I feel bad for parents who fear to leave the house because they haven’t quite mastered the skill of having eyes in the back of their head, and so every outing turns into a relentless role call just to make sure their kids are still in their vicinity.

Of course, only a small minority of children will actually run off when you leave the house. But sometimes a dazzling window display or cute puppy is enough to distract a child to the point of wandering, which is when those extra eyes sure do come in handy! If your child won’t walk in a straight line the easy option is to get stressed out, but the better option is to find a solution that will make it easier for you to keep an eye on all of your babies at the same time.

Travel Systems for Yummy Mummies

I’ve always been an ‘outings’ kind of person and don’t like to see my kids cooped up at home, particularly when the sun’s shining. So I was pretty overjoyed to find the Britax Travel Systems range of pushchairs and buggies, which features amongst its models B-Dual Tandem pushchair.

Britax pushchairs, buggies and carriers are called ‘travel systems’ because each model comes with a detachable element which you can choose to suit the age of your child. Not having to pack separate items is such a time saver and makes preparing for a day out so much easier.

Two’s (Not) Trouble

The Britax Tandem Puschchair is the real gem. It’s suitable for children up to the age of four and two children can easily fit in it, no matter if they are the same age or years apart. This lightweight stroller is a real lifesaver for mums who’ve got more than a handful of kids to contend with, as with a Britax Tandem Pushschair you’ll always know where at least two of them are!


*I received compensation for this post.