Family Fun Night is a weekly tradition designed to get moms and dads spending more intentional time with their kids. The ideas are simple, practical, and do-able! It isn’t about creating the most elaborate, expensive, or most “pinnable” evening with your kids….all they need is YOU. Have fun, keep it simple, and make some memories!


Music:  Simon and Garfunkel


I want my kid to be the cool, eclectic 2nd grader that likes The Ramones, Vivaldi, and CCR. On the weeks when I don’t have a children’s CD to review, we’re going to try to mix it up musically, and expose our kids to a WIDE variety of genres and artists. I want my kids to know there is SO much more out there than the five songs they play on the radio!


Dinner: Meatball Subsmeatball sub

These were SUPER simple and every bit as good as the subs I get at the sub shop. I picked up some great looking hoagie rolls at the store, and some (shhh) frozen  meatballs. I threw those in a pan with my favorite marinara. I topped my rolls with the meatballs and some white American cheese, and threw them under the broiler. A few pickles and salted tomatoes finished the sandwich. EVERYONE at the table loved this meal!


apple pie sundaeDessert: Apple Pie Sundae

All the taste of apple pie, served up in a beautiful and tasty ice cream parfait! These are easy to make, but elegant enough to serve to guests. I layered vanilla ice cream, home-made apple pie filling, whipped cream, caramel, and an oatmeal crumble. SO good!

Movie: The Muppet Showmuppet show

We kicked it old school this week and introduced our kids to The Muppet Show. We watched an episode starring a very young Julie Andrews. While Pigs in Space and The Swedish Chef were not featured in this particular episode (boo), it was really fun to share a childhood favorite with our kids. My husband and I both grew up watching and loving The Muppet Show, and were so happy our kids enjoyed it too!


puzzle (4 of 5)Activity: Puzzles

Nobody said family time activities had to be elaborate! We let the kids choose a puzzle, and they came down the stairs with a United States puzzle. As we worked, we were able to have a great discussion about our country and the climates, attractions, and features of the states and regions. So much learning was found in such a simple activity. It was great to work together towards a common goal too!


Are you making the effort to have intentional family time once a week? I hope so! See you next week, for more family fun!