I’ve never been able to do hair. If I’m being honest, it’s remarkable I can even get my own hair into a ponytail. I’ve always looked at the women who have gorgeous French braids in their hair and wondered, “How on earth did you DO that?!”

When I had little girls, I knew I was going to need to find a few cute hairstyles that I, the rookie of all hair-styling could pull off. I found a wonderful website, that has a handful of ideas that even I can do (without my daughter looking weird!) Hairstyles by Mommy was the inventor of this adorable hair-do, just perfect for your little valentine.

My daughter is really excited to head to her 1st grade Valentine’s day party with these sweet little hearts in her hair. I’m really excited that I got it to work!

sweetheart hair

1. Pull your daughter’s hair into a ponytail. I did a small ponytail on each side of her head, with some of her hair still down.

2. You’re going to do a reverse “Topsy Tail.” Make a small “hole” right above the hair tie. Push the entire ponytail UP through the hole. (Usually in a topsy tail, you flip the hair under.)

3. Now, when you create two sections, they will naturally fall into a heart shape.

4. Braid or twist each section, and secure the two sections at the base to form your heart.

If you want directions from the pro, click HERE.

I was so surprised at how easily this came together. I’m excited to try a few different variations.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your little sweethearts!