You already know what a HUGE fan I am of the Scholastic Storybook Treasure DVD sets. These incredible DVDs bring literature to life, drawing in new readers. These wonderfully put-together DVDs bring together a variety of stories centered around a theme (making these ideal for teachers and homeschooling families looking to enhance a unit!)

We were recently introduced to one of the newest titles, “The Red Hen.”  This fun DVD features stories all about cooking! Since I LOVE to get in the  kitchen with my kiddos, I knew this set would be right up our alley!

The Red Hen  DVD

The first story is The Red Hen, by Rebecca and Ed Emberley (I’m a HUGE Ed Emberley fan, so I was excited!) This is the classic story of The Red Hen brought to life for a new generation of readers and viewers. My children loved this story and were able to pick up on the important message. Great discussion is sure to follow this classic tale.

The favorite story on the DVD is Bread Comes to Life. I LOVE (love, love, love!) that the DVD includes a non-fiction title. Getting children interested in a wide variety of books, including non-fiction titles is so important. My children sat glued to the tv, watching the story of how bread is made. I’m pretty sure they didn’t move throughout the duration of this story…they were hooked…and then asked to make bread! This story features photographs, and reads like a highly engaging documentary.

Are you a fan of the “How do Dinosaurs” series? My dino-lover is, and was delighted to see, “How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?” on this disc. Yolen’s beloved dinos show that the rough-housing, spilling, etc are not the best ways to eat your food.

Arnie the Doughnut by Gerald McDermott was a new story to all of us, and I literally found myself laughing out loud! This story is adorably hilarious, and tells the tale of a sweet little doughnut who was confused about his fate. You will love this story, and find yourself wanting to go out and buy the book!

You can purchase The Red Hen for just $14.95. Invest in a movie that supports literacy, education, and a love of books! Buy it HERE.

Use a story from the Storybook Treasure DVDs as a change-up from your regular storytime, as an alternative to regular tv or movie watching, or as a valuable component in your homeschooling. The DVDs are reasonably priced and can be purchased straight from the site. (There is no need to wait for a book order!) Click HERE to see all of the available and upcoming titles!

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