I am crazy for the Olive Garden. But with four kids and a hectic work schedule, it’s not always feasible to eat out. One night, I set out to re-create my husband’s favorite dish, Fettuccine Alfredo. This dish is creamy and delicious. I know you’ll love it.

My “Olive Garden” Fettuccine recipe is a family favorite, and SO quick and easy to prepare. You’ll feel like you’re having a restaurant cooked meal in your own kitchen. Check out the recipe HERE!

fettRecently, my recipe was featured on www.allfreecopycatrecipes.com! I was of course super honored to be featured on a site I’ve been using for years! Now, All Free Copycat Recipes has put together a fantastic ebook featuring a collection of copycat Olive Garden and other great Italian recipes….and guess whose alfredo recipe is in it? =)

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