My kids are HUGE fans of chocolate milk. Like many moms out there, I’ve always been a little hesitant to fill their glasses with this chocolatey treat. Then, I heard about TruMoo, the great-tasting chocolate milk that moms can feel good about! Kids and moms agree that TruMoo is a tasty and healthy beverage!

TruMoo now contains 35% less total sugar than the leading chocolate milk competitor and 40% less added sugar than its previous formula. Chocolate milk has never tasted so good or been so good for you!

TRUTruMoo, the nation’s leading ready-to-serve chocolate milk, is made with fresh white milk – sourced from regional dairies around the country – pure cocoa and just enough natural sugar to make it taste great. And, like regular milk, TruMoo offers the benefits of 8 essential nutrients!

I love that TruMoo encourages reluctant milk drinkers to get in their daily dosage of milk. Personally, I love it on cereal! TruMoo is great hot (instant hot chocolate!), cold, or even as frozen popsicles! Yum!!! TruMoo is offered in half gallon, gallon and single serve bottles. Look for TruMoo in the dairy case at a store near you.

The TruMoo website has all kinds of goodies just for moms! Check out the 2 minute menu builder, where TruMoo helps you plan out a menu for your family to help you start right, and end right! You can also sign up to receive special coupons and offers or check out the TruMoms Blog.

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