As a child, I absolutely LOVED play food. I had hours of fun setting up little grocery stores and restaurants. I would eagerly write out menus, shopping lists, and signs. As I happily played with my pretend food, I was developing literacy skills, while also increasing my knowledge of healthy food choices.

The incredible people at Learning Resources, one of my FAVORITE websites to find educational toys, games, books (and more!) features an amazing line of play food that will get your kids busy playing and learning too! With the New Sprouts line of play food, your child will be cooking up hours of educational fun.

I am seriously in love with the ENTIRE New Sprouts line of play food! Learning Resources offers a great variety. From a bushel of fruit or veggies, to breakfast, lunch, and dinner baskets, each of the sets include high-quality, durable, and adorable play food sure to inspire creativity and educational play.

My kids and I were blessed to receive the New Sprouts – Bushel of Fruit from Learning Resources. My kids could hardly wait to open the package! All four of my kiddos love this set. From my two older kids who love to pretend to create meals and play recipes or set up their own farmer’s market in the living room, to my younger kids who simply like to push the food around in our pretend shopping cart, this cute little set is a hit! While my children are playing, they are learning about healthy food choices while using their imaginations! Leaning and imaginative play combined!


This incredible set  of 9 plastic fruits includes apple, strawberry, lemon, banana, plum, orange, apricot, grapes and pear, all stored in a plastic bushel basket. I loved that the set included a great variety of fruit, and especially appreciated the inclusion of the plum and apricot, which all children may not be familiar with. Kids gain new vocabulary while they play! You can also use the play fruit to talk about colors! The fruit is incredibly durable and kid-proof! Unlike most of the play food on the market today, this play food will LAST. The plastic is firm and of high quality. This will not break if stepped on or fall apart if your baby decides to use it as a teething ring. This is perhaps the highest quality play food I’ve seen, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of it!

Check out this cute little video of my 1 year old daughter as she plays with the bushel of fruit. I love that Harper is getting a tactile experience while familiarizing herself with a variety of fruits!

You’ll want to check out all of the other great products that Learning Resources has to offer as well! Whether you are a teacher, home-educator, or parent wanting your child to have quality educational toys, games, and learning materials, Learning Resources has something for you!

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Click HERE to purchase the New Sprouts Bushel of Fruit from Learning Resources for just $14.99. One lucky Chasing Supermom winner will WIN a Bushel of Fruit play food set!  Good luck!


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