Tomorrow, we will be celebrating my daughter’s 7th birthday. For her theme, she has chosen a “Fancy Nancy” tea party. Since 7 year old girls aren’t all that fond of tea, I set out to make edible teacup cupcakes instead, and I am SO pleased with the results!

These sweet little cupcakes look super fancy and adorable, but are actually REALLY easy to make and assemble! You will be wowing your guests with these faux teacups. I mean really, who wouldn’t want some cupcake tea?!

So throw on your Sunday best, set the table, invite all of the most-loved teddy bears and dolls around, and plan a tea-party with your favorite little girl.


Edible Teacup Cupcakes


1 cake mix (prepare as directed on package)

1 box ice cream cones (*make sure to get the “cake cones” and not the sugar cones!)

1 package sugar cookies (*you can make these from scratch of course, but it was totally worth it to me to buy them and save time!)

1 can of “squirty” frosting (*again, you could use any frosting and put it in a piping bag, but I was going for quick and easy!)

1 package of Peachy-O’s

To Prepare

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare your cake mix as directed on the package.

2. In a standard muffin tin, place one cake cone into each space. Spoon the batter directly into the ice cream cone. I used my Pampered Chef cookie scoop, and used about the same amount of batter I would to make a normal cupcake.

3. Bake the cupcakes as directed on the package. (*I like to set my timer for about 2-3 minutes short of what the package says, just to check. You can always bake them a little longer, but you can’t fix an over-done cake!)

4. Once your cupcake cones have been allowed to fully cool, using a serrated knife, cut the bottom portion of the cone off. You’re basically going to cut off the part you hold, leaving a “cup” shape with a nice flat base. (*Save the little cone bases, as they’ll be filled with cupcake! These are fun little mini-treats for your kids…or you know, for you, as you assemble these.) =)

5. “Glue” the cupcake cup to a sugar cookie using a small dab of frosting. I found that the cookies I purchased were a bit too big, so I used a biscuit cutter to just trim them down a bit.

6. Cut the Peachy-O’s in half. “Glue” the Peachy-O half to the cup using small dots of frosting. I was skeptical that they would stick, but none have fallen off!

7. Frost your cupcakes as desired.

Enjoy! Hope these edible teacup cupcakes are your cup of tea! =)

teacup cupcakes