It’s hard to walk past those delightfully neon Easter treats and not put them in your cart. They beckon to you with their fluorescent sugary coating. As soon as Easter candy started filling the shelves, (you know, around December), I started brainstorming things I could do with Peeps. Peep Smores won out. The smore is not just for the campfire anymore.

These pink little chickens are the perfect marshmallow to complete your smore…plus, the sugary coating gives it a nice bit of texture. (Plus, as an added bonus, they get HUGE in the microwave. You will instantly gain about 10 cool mom points with this recipe.)

However, when I told my husband I was going to make Peep Smores for the blog, he looked at me in horror.

“Isn’t that sort of sadistic?!”


“They’re little tiny chicks.”

“Um, they’re marshmallows, and we eat chicken all the time. You love chicken nuggets.”

“Well, my chicken nuggets aren’t shaped like baby chicks.”


I’ll let you all decide whether it’s cruel or tasty to melt these sugary chicks in the microwave. I think you’ll side with me. These are fairly awesome, and a great way to use some of these treats. (We always seem to end up with a few dozen!)


Peep Smores Easter Peep Smores Peeps


*Per Smore

1 graham cracker (halved the “hamburger way”)

1 Peep

4 Hershey rectangles

To Prepare

Split your graham cracker in half. Place the Hershey’s chocolate on top. Place the Peep on top of the chocolate. Put on a plate in the microwave for 45 seconds. Top with remaining graham cracker half.

*You will DEFINITELY want to let your kids watch the Peep Smore in the microwave. Like I said, the Peep really expands, and the kids thought it was pretty amazing. They loved it, and watching their faces was pretty fun.

You’ll want to enjoy these right away, as the Peep can harden up a bit if you let it sit on the counter for awhile.

Enjoy, and Happy Easter!!