There’s a post circulating it’s way around the web right now begging moms to “tone down” the holiday celebrations. Contrast that with the dozens of posts of holiday snacks, crafts, and creative activities. Each camp has a following, and admittedly or not, each side looks down on the other.

“Why do you have to make such a big deal out of everything?! Are you trying to make the rest of us look bad?!”

“You killjoy. Let your kid have a little bit of fun!”

Here’s the thing….The holidays are personal, and can be celebrated (or not celebrated) in ANY way each individual family chooses. The opposing viewpoint to yours as far as the holidays goes, does NOT deserve an eye roll or an exasperated sigh. Families are different. Perspectives are different.

If the thought of decorating an Easter tree or creating May Day baskets with your child is enough to have you reaching for the Tylenol….skip it! If you are excited by the idea of whipping up green eggs and ham  or creating paper lanterns for Chinese New Year…do it! Moms simply MUST do what works for THEM. You do not have to keep up with anybody or give your child the same experiences as anyone else. Do what works for YOU.

The idea here is not to become frustrated with the moms who do or don’t. There should be no battle between, “I’m focusing on what truly matters” and “I want to give my kids a fun and magical experience.” This isn’t about right and wrong. It’s about you and your family. However YOU choose to recognize holidays and other thematic days throughout the year is part of your story alone. Don’t let anyone else hold your pen and write it for you.

If you begin to take on all of the thematic activities because you feel pressured, it won’t be a magical and whimsical experience for anyone. Your kids will remember that day….but not because it was fun. They’ll remember the day Mommy was fussy. Likewise, if you are the type of person who thrives on planning holiday activities, don’t let anyone’s comments about “over-doing it” get to you. There is no over-doing it or under-doing it.

Go all out. Do nothing. Wear green clothes and dance like a leprechaun. Wear blue and carry on as usual. Dye eggs 12 different ways and plan an elaborate egg treasure hunt. Buy a pre-packaged Easter basket at Target and get a pizza. Do the 25 Days of Christmas. Have a quiet Christmas morning. Neither way is right. Neither way is wrong. This is about families. This is about you.

So until next time, you have my permission to browse Pinterest until your eyeballs fall out looking for as many holiday crafts and food as you can. You have my permission to skip over the days that don’t interest you. You have my permission to invite a bit of wonder into your home via the Easter bunny, The Elf on the Shelf, and a mischievous leprechaun. You have my permission to keep it simple and do away with the decorations, characters, and crafts. Celebrate only the religious holidays. Celebrate everything. Celebrate nothing. Be true to your family and your comfort level.

Childhoods are not made or broken by the number of leprechauns trapped, tie-dyed eggs made, or the different spots their Elf on the Shelf was found. The attitude and mindset of a parent… that is a different story. Do what works for YOU. Until next time, you have my permission.

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