With all of the things I have to juggle each day to keep my family life running smoothly, toothbrushes simply aren’t one of the things I often think about. As much as I desire for my family to have healthy teeth, remembering to exchange old toothbrushes for fresh ones is something I frequently forget and don’t do nearly as often as I should….and I’m guessing I’m not alone.

Toothbrushsubscriptions.com is an innovative new service that allows forgetful moms and dads like myself to care for their family’s teeth without ever leaving the house. Simply visit their website, choose the toothbrushes that are right for YOUR family, and new toothbrushes will arrive at your door every 3 months!

Adult2Now there is no excuse or reason not to give your family the very best when it comes to oral health. Say goodbye to the old and frayed toothbrushes that can actually harm your teeth and gums, and say hello to new quality brushes every 3 months….with no effort! If your family is anything like mine, something that helps your family with little to no work on your part is definitely worth finding out about!

My family was blessed to receive toothbrushes from ToothbrushSubscriptions.com, and we LOVE them! This ingenious company offers 5 different brushes, so you can select the model that is just right for everyone in your family. Our baby girl received “The Newborn”, while our 1st grader received “The Junior.” We each received a high-quality toothbrush that was designed to meet our individual needs…and I never had to leave my house or remember to pick up a new brush! (Plus, there’s just something about a new toothbrush that makes kids that much more eager to brush! My kids were SO excited to see which color brush would be waiting for them!)

If you’re worried about getting into a long-term contract, fear not! You are never locked in, and can cancel at any time. PLUS, Chasing Supermom readers can be in on a special deal…Get your first 5 toothbrushes for just $1!!! What a deal! $1 for the first 3 months of your subscription (regular $4.95/ toothbrush) and after the first 3 months if you like it, they will auto-renew you, and if you don’t want to continue, you can cancel anytime.

Click HERE to take advantage of this deal and enter code chasingsupermom at checkout.

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