“Supermom” is a myth. Let’s get real. Real Ideas. Real Encouragement. That’s what I’m about. My goal is to change the world, one mom at a time.

Several years ago when I became a stay at home mom, I found myself trying to live up to some crazy expectations. I felt like I should be vacuuming in pearls and high heels (neither of which I own.) I began to feel guilty when things weren’t perfect. One day I realized that I was never going to be Supermom….and that I’d always just be chasing her.

As women, we’re constantly chasing after things we may never attain. When we’re not constantly comparing ourselves with other women, we’re trying to build up the facade that we have it all together. We want everyone to believe we have the perfect marriage and are raising the world’s most perfect children. I’m here to give moms the confidence to keep it real, and to let them know they are ENOUGH. My goal is that you’ll walk away from my blog feeling uplifted, encouraged, and blessed. You are enough, just as you are. Let’s stop chasing “Supermom” together, and realize that plain old “Mom” is pretty darn super.


My blog is divided up into a few categories. Here are a few highlights, and the pieces I really love.

Diary of a Supermom

In this category, I share bits of Daily Encouragement. This section is the heart of who I am, and these are hands-down my favorite posts to write. Recipes and learning activities are nice, but I want to encourage you most of all.

bottleA popular and widely shared portion of Diary of a Supermom are the I Give You Permission posts. I simply provide validation for women for choices that sometimes are criticized or questioned. I cover topics like bottle-feeding, education, labor and delivery, and even give moms permission to struggle.


Learning Activities100-Chapter-Books-You-Must-Read-Your-Children-Chasing-Supermom

I spent 5 years in the classroom as a teacher until I became a SAHM. I love to share simple learning activities you can do with your kids. I also like to include fun thematic activities related to holidays or the time of year.  Also in this category are lots of book lists, including my all-time most popular post:

100 Chapter Books You MUST Read to Your Kids



When I cook, I’m not going for gourmet. I’m a busy mom of 4 who is just trying to get dinner on the table before my kids go berserk. I strive for the Chasing Supermom trifecta – Cheap, Easy, The Kids Will Eat It. These are very REAL recipes for the at-home cook. I love pantry recipes that include ingredients the everyday woman will have on hand.

Everybody loves my Olive Garden Fettuccini and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies!


No More Sunday SchoolNo More Sunday School

I released my first e-book in January. “No More Sunday School” is an application-driven family Bible study designed to help families integrate faith into family time. No More Sunday School is a weekly Bible lesson (and more!) for families. It’s a chance to connect once a week as a family, diving into God’s Word while gaining practical application for today’s world. Kid-friendly and easy to understand, each of the stories are also jam-packed with ways to apply the biblical truths and principles. Each week features an application-rich Bible story, family memory verse, family project, and craft. Every component of the lesson is designed to highlight the truths and principles found within the pages of the Bible. Intentional and application-driven, No More Sunday School will provide your children with a rich Biblical foundation, allowing them to connect personally with God and His Word. Click HERE to learn more or to purchase this 5 week study for just $2.99.


SW Washington/Vancouver-PDX Moms!

If you live in SW Washington or Portland, stay tuned!! I have BIG news coming soon!! I can’t wait!

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