This weekend, my children and I had the opportunity to set sail on The Portland Spirit for the Queen Melissa Tea Cruise. This fun and whimsical cruise sails on Saturdays in April and May, and is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.queen (6 of 18)


Upon boarding, the kids were led to a long table filled with a wide variety of teapots. They had such fun looking at the teapots, queen (7 of 18)and absolutely loved getting to choose the teapot we would use for the afternoon. They selected a little teapot made to look like a Cafe. A charming pirate came by our table to ask if we would like pink or black tea. Without surprise, the kids chose pink tea, and all 3 of us really enjoyed it. Each of my children had 3 full cups!

A beautiful fairy was set up to do face painting, and listened to each child’s request with patience and kindness.Hannah was thrilled to have a butterfly on her cheek while my son chose a dog. The atypical request didn’t throw her. She smiled and got to work. Other girls on board had adorable crowns painted on their foreheads, and one had her face painted to look like a tiger. queen (10 of 18)

We began the cruise with a fruit plate and scones. Later, we were served turkey and cheese croissant sandwiches and an incredibly delicious selection of desserts.

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As we ate, Captain Taffy, a favorite from the Cinnamon Bear Cruise came by to talk to us. He has an incredible amount of food knowledge! He is the pirate version of Alton Brown. He was also funny and warm. He noticed my son had eaten all of the lemon wedges on the table and remarked, “Well, at least you won’t be getting scurvy.” =) He made the rounds of all of the tables several times and knew the children’s names by the end of the cruise.

Part of the cruise included a treasure hunt! Without surprise, the kids LOVED this activity. We got to hunt around the ship for answers. As part of the treasure hunt, the kids were allowed to go into the Pilot House and sit with the Captain! (Also in the queen (14 of 18)Pilot House is Captain Taffy’s treasure chest….that he lets you loot!) One of my favorite moments of the day came from our time on the treasure hunt. My son went up to the upper deck of the ship and sat down in one of the chairs, just taking in the beauty of the Willamette River. He could have sat in that spot all day long. Portland is a beautiful city, and taking in the sights from the deck of a boat is something every local should experience. queen (16 of 18)I think it’s safe to say that The Portland Spirit will be a special place for my son for years to come.

queen (18 of 18)At the end of the voyage, Queen Melissa gathers the children together for story time. During the cruise, each child is asked to write a story about their teapot. Queen Melissa reads each of the stories aloud, making each child feel special.

The Queen Melissa Tea Cruise is a perfect “starter cruise” for families of young children. Since it is less crowded than a Cinnamon Bear Cruise, younger children who tend to be overwhelmed by lots of activity, noise, or crowds may find this cruise more enjoyable. I loved the more intimate feeling of this cruise, and enjoyed the one on one time my children were able to have with each of the characters. The service was exceptional and each of the crew members and characters on board were friendly, helpful, and wonderful with children.

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Cruise Info

Queen Melissa Tea Cruise- Saturdays in April and May

Boarding time- 11:30 pm     Cruise – 12:00 – 2:00 pm

Tickets – $30 Adults, $22 children

Click HERE to book your tickets or call 503-224-3900