With four children and a busy lifestyle, we are no strangers to sickness. It seems like one of our little ones is always running a fever or fighting a cold. As a mother, you want to provide the best care for your children when they’re sick. The award-winning Temple Touch Thermometer from Medism is a must-have for every parent’s first aid kit. This thermometer provides optimum care with comfort and ease.

One thing I love about the Temple Touch Thermometer is how simple it is to use. Simply press the sensor to the temple or the underarm. In just 6-8 seconds, you’ll have an accurate temperature. No waiting, discomfort, or cross-contamination! (And my family may or may not have all had their temperature taken multiple times for “fun” after receiving our Temple Touch!) templetouch

Gone are the days of embarrassing your children with a rectal thermometer or waiting minutes for a reading from an oral thermometer. You can even take your child’s temperature while he/she is sleeping! (Trust me, I know!) Even the wiggliest of toddlers can tolerate having their temperature taken with the Temple Touch! This thermometer is perfect for the whole family. It’s quick, easy, and accurate! We compared our temperature readings taken with the Temple Touch with those of our more expensive thermometer, and the results lined up.

Unlike a few other similar thermometers, the Temple Touch Premium is affordable. You can purchase one for just $29.99. Click HERE to buy yours!

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*I received a Temple Touch Thermometer in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.