Recently, The Center for Science in the Public Interest released the results of “Kids’ Meals: Obesity and Poor Nutrition on the Menu,” an investigation into the nutrition quality of the kids’ meals served at the nation’s top 50 chain restaurants.  SUBWAY® restaurants stood out as the only chain to meet CSPI’s criteria – for the  entire FRESH FITTM for KIDS menu!!

I don’t know about you, but children’s menus at most restaurants make me sad. With all of the fried and high fat/calorie options, it’s no wonder our nation’s children are at risk. That is why I am so proud to work with Subway. All of SUBWAY® restaurant’s eight children’s meals, which include a 4” sub, apple slices and low-fat milk or bottled water, amount to less than 430 calories, less than 35% fat, 0 % trans fat, 35% added sugars and 770 mg of sodium, and meet both the expert and industry nutrition standards.

With four kids and a hectic schedule, I understand that sometimes it is easier to go out to eat. The next time you want to/need to grab a quick meal, why not make a healthier choice for your kids and choose Subway?

My own children were SO excited to head to Subway for dinner. Each of our three older children had a FRESH FITTM meal. They loved being in control of their sandwich and felt pretty grown up giving their order to the sandwich artist. I had a proud mama moment when my two older kids ordered veggies on their subs! (Yay!!) My kids had a healthy and delicious meal for the same price as a more traditional fast food meal. They also really loved their Phineas and Ferb reusable tote bags too!


I think this picture speaks for itself….they really enjoyed their meal! All three kids cleaned their plate and enjoyed every bite. A meal that is healthy AND kid-approved is a win in my book!


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