This post is an introduction to the maker and creator of absolutely FABULOUS sparkly bags. I am so pleased to introduce you to my sponsor, glittersweet!

I have a confession to make. I have a pretty serious addiction… bags. I absolutely love them. Every time I’m out shopping, I’m on the lookout for a bag that will catch my eye. I’m attracted to bags that are unique. I like to carry something that’s just a bit different from what everyone else has.

daisyA few weeks ago, I was hanging out on Twitter and found and fell in love with glittersweet. The name of the company alone piqued my interest. As soon as I saw the AMAZING line of wonderfully sparkly and irresistibly retro bags from creator Laura Silverstein, I knew I HAD to have one. (or 12.)

After MUCH deliberation, I selected the Fern Tote in Midnight in  the “Large Tote” size. I LOVE it…..probably an unhealthy amount. The large totefern has enough space to haul all of my “mom gear” (ie- diapers, sippy cups, granola bars, crayons, etc.) PLUS my ipad, wallet, brush, sanitizer, etc. It is the perfect combination of fashion and function. Everywhere I go, people comment on my bag. In the words of the visionary behind these bags, they are cute enough to take on a date, and practical enough for the grocery store, office, beach, or gym. It is to die for cute and my vintage-loving self could not be happier.

jay dotson photographyGlittersweet bags are available in a whole myriad of sizes. There is a bag to fit every need and every budget. From the coin purse to the classic sling tote, there is a bag for you. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to order a bag for your mom (or request one for yourself!) I don’t care if you’re 5 or 50, every girl needs a sparkly bag. Click HERE to check out all of Laura’s incredible glittersweet bags!

Do you love flowers? Animal print? Bright bold colors? There is something for you! Each of these bags is made out of incredible retro upholstery vinyl. They have the flair of the 50’s with a fresh modern feel. They are utterly retrolicious. (And yes, I made up a word.)

Three years ago Laura Silverstein fell in love with some vinyl at a yard sale and made her first bag on her grandmother’s sewing machine. Now made KH with kids croppedin a local factory, glittersweet bags are super cute, sparkly, and practical. And they donate 5% to nonprofits supporting moms and kids! She’s local (yay for Washington!), a mompreneur (some of my favorite people), and makes the world’s cutest bags. Let’s show her some support!

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*I received a free bag in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.