When I was a child, I was involved in AWANA. For those of you who didn’t grow up in a church, AWANA is a mid-week activity for kids. There are games, songs, and things like “crazy hair night.” However, at the heart of the program is scripture memorization. I learned SO many Bible verses. At the time, I was learning them to earn the Monopoly-like money we got for each verse we learned. 25 years later, I realize those verses were worth far more than any trinket I could have purchased from the AWANA store with that paper money.

I am so grateful to my parents and teachers who helped me to memorize those verses, and who taught me that the Bible is to be treasured. As a parent, I long for my children to love and understand God’s Word.

Children have an incredible propensity for memorization, and now is the time to begin teaching them Scripture. Despite my own childhood experiences, and despite being a pastor’s wife, I hadn’t put much time or effort into teaching my children Bible verses until last summer. I was going about my day, and glanced out into the backyard.

verseMy daughter (6 at the time), had written her memory verse from 5 Day Club out on our backyard chalkboard….all on her own…from memory. It struck me that day that not only was she ready, she was willing and excited. We began to work through verses together as a family. We talk about the verses they learn at church. When they’re struggling or afraid, I bring a verse to mind.

Maybe you’re reading this and you really want to teach your child Bible verses. But, the task may be a bit overwhelming. With over 31,000 verses, knowing where to start could feel daunting. The ABC verses are a great starting place. Each of the verses are short and easy to memorize. They are called the ABC verses because the first word in each verse corresponds to a letter in the alphabet. In  no time at all, your child will have learned 26 verses!

I created a printable version of the ABC Bible verses for you to use with your children. Work your way through the alphabet with your children, learning the verses at their pace. Not only will your child be learning God’s Word, they will be cementing their knowledge of alphabet letters and sounds as well. (If you choose to print in color, you can discuss colors and patterns too!)

Click HERE to download and print Chasing Supermom’s ABC Bible Verses

Make sure you have your child memorize the “address” that goes along with each verse. Learning the verse is important, but it is equally important to know where to find it in their Bible! (I was never good at learning the address and now am constantly asking my husband, “where is xyz verse found?”)

I know you will be blessed as you help your child learn to hold Scripture in their heart. You are giving them a WONDERFUL gift.

ABC Verses

If you are looking for a more in-depth Bible study for your children, consider working through my book, “No More Sunday School: Old Testament Favorites.” It’s a 5 week study, that includes a Bible story, family verse, project, and activity. This is an application-driven family study that helps parents who are wanting to intentionally add faith into family time.  Click HERE for more information.