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Ooh la la darling! You’re invited to a glorious birthday soiree. (That’s a fancy word for party!) It was my daughter Hannah’s 7th birthday, and we invited all of her friends over for a splendid Fancy Nancy party courtesy of the amazing people at The Orb Factory.

The girls arrived in beautiful party frocks (a fancy word for dresses), and were ready for an afternoon of Fancy Nancy fun. The birthday girl was over the moon with excitement and couldn’t wait to celebrate her special day. FN (4 of 10)

FN (6 of 10)As the girls began to arrive, they headed over to the table to select a Fancy Nancy Fancy Tiara to create and keep. Each box had four unique tiaras to choose from, and it was fun to watch the girls select a tiara that fit with their personality. The girls happily crafted away, as the happy chatter of first grade girls filled the room. The girls used the “sticker by number” system and carefully placed each glittery sticker and every precious “jewel.” FN (8 of 10)

It wasn’t long before each of the girls was well on her way to becoming the proud owner of such a fine fashion accessory. The bright colors and bits of FN (5 of 10)glitz and sparkle were right up these ladies’ alley.

I loved incorporating this fun project into Hannah’s party. Doing a bit of art not only set her birthday apart, but provided a high-quality keepsake that could replace the typical “chintzy” goodie bag. Plus, it was so fun to see a table full of fancy little ladies working to create a crown of their own. FN (7 of 10)

FN (9 of 10)

FN (1 of 10)After the girls had created their Fancy Nancy Fancy Tiaras, it was time for some extraordinarily fancy treats. I served miniature pink bundt cakes, strawberries, pink fizz (Cherry 7-Up), and edible teacup cupcakes. (Check out my post for how to make the cupcakes HERE!)Edible Teacup Cupcakes

Just the right treats for my fancy girls. We read a Fancy Nancy story (of course!) and opened presents before the girls went home. It was a most spectacular gala for my fancy little miss. I just know that your FN (10 of 10)little princess would LOVE to have a Fancy Nancy party too! The Fancy Nancy Fancy Tiaras were the perfect gift for each girl to take home. (And they are ADORABLE!)

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Here’s hoping that your next party is extra fancy and extra special!