Kidecals is taking personalization to a whole new (and much cuter) level. Offering a huge variety of customizable labels, there is something to meet all of your needs. Whether your child is constantly losing his or her lunchbox or if you’d simply like to add a personalized touch to the trays of baked goods you bring to friends, Kidecals has something for you!

Have a kid heading off to summer camp this year? Kidecals can help to ensure that everything you so lovingly pack will make it back home! The designs are “kid-friendly” and designed to please boys and girls without embarrassing them! (Not that kids are ever embarrassed by something their parents buy right?) These labels are also just the ticket for school supplies. No more mixed up colored pencils or crayons! Sibling rivalries over books, games, and toys? No problem…Kidecals has you covered! Just tuck a cute little label inside the front of the book or on the back of the box and end pointless fighting! Have a child in daycare? Then you know just how important it is to make sure ALL of your child’s things are labeled. Let Kidecals 2149do the work for you, and label your child’s belongings in a cute and durable way!

The folks at Kidecals are keeping up with the latest trends as well. Chalkboard decals are all the rage, and with Kidecals chalkboard decals you can get organized quickly without having to re-create labels from scratch. Another fun trend is the mustache. It has gone beyond the faces of hipsters and is now a fun decal! The Partystache stickers are a super fun way to add a touch of whimsy to any party. (Even grown-ups will love them!)

Another great feature of Kidecals is their absolute durability! They are dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer safe! They literally will not come off! Even the Today Show sang the praises of Kidecals! Say goodbye to the sharpie and hello to Kidecals.

Click HERE to watch a great infomercial for Kidecals! SO many great usage ideas!!

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