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Raise your hand if you love to scrub your tub and shower. Since none of you raised your hands, I’m figuring you’re a lot like me….a busy mom without the time (or desire) to get down on all fours and scrub your bathtub. In the past, I DREADED shower cleaning day. I’d pull out my powdered cleanser and sponge, and get down on my hands and knees, ready to use some serious elbow grease. It was hard, sweaty, and zero fun. I know I’m not alone. Cleaning the bathroom is typically listed as one of our least favorite chores. I am always looking for ways to cut down the time I need to spend to get my bathroom looking great. Wouldn’t you love an easier and less time-consuming way to clean your shower? I practically jumped at the chance to work with today’s sponsor! You’ll love them!

Meet Wet and Forget Shower! This awesome cleaner does all of the work, so YOU don’t have to! As an added bonus, this product is SO easy to use! All you need to do is spray Wet and Forget shower once a week. That’s it! No wiping, no scrubbing, no work. After your shower,simply spray Wet & Forget Shower on fixtures, shower curtains, enclosures, shower glass, tiles and tubs. Then simply rinse surfaces before or during your next shower.Every mom needs a bottle of Wet and Forget Shower in her cleaning arsenal.

My bathroom is terribly lit, but trust me….my shower walls are SPARKLING (and I didn’t have to do a thing!) There wasn’t that img_wfsbottle_main“charming” pink soap scum ring around my drain, and there wasn’t any build-up on the walls. The shower stayed bright, white, and clean all week long.

The 64 oz bottle lasts for a full 12 weeks! You can purchase Wet and Forget Shower by clicking HERE. Take a nice vacation from all of that hard work and let Wet and Forget get the job done for you!!

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