I woke up today to the sound of rain. Gray skies and a steady downpour would mean the picnic at Beacon Rock was out, and we’d be enjoying our bbq inside at the table instead of out on the deck tonight. My heart sank a little as our Memorial Day wouldn’t be what I had hoped for.

Then I got a little bit of perspective.

My husband is never more than a 30 minute drive away. I can FaceTime him anytime I’m having a rough afternoon or if I simply need to see his handsome face.I don’t have to wait to talk to him, and my heart doesn’t sink when I miss his call, knowing it may be another week or another month until he can call again.

When my husband goes off to work, I don’t have to fear for his life. I don’t worry for his safety and security. I know he is safe, and that he’ll be home for dinner.

He’ll happily grill our burgers in the rain tonight and then help me tuck our kiddos into bed. He’s here. I’m not having to make the sacrifice of parenting on my own while my spouse is serving. I am blessed to have help with the kids every single day. I have the luxury of passing the kids over to him at the end of a long day or asking him to take on some of the load.

Today isn’t about barbecues and parties. It’s not about a day off from work and school. Today is a day to honor and remember those who are making a sacrifice. Having to stay inside, spending the day snuggling and reading instead of hiking and enjoying a picnic? That’s NOT a sacrifice. Our soldiers? They understand the word sacrifice. Every single day they faithfully choose to make one for US. Those men and women can’t lament over having to grill in the rain or give up their planned trip to the lake. They don’t have those choices to make. Our soldiers have given up this day and many days with their family and loved ones to fight, serve, and protect us. Some will never get these days back. All gave some. Some gave all.

So today, as you head to the beach, fire up your grill, or score some great deals, stop and remember the sacrifices that are making this day and every day possible. Stop to remember. Stop to be grateful….for what you have…..for what they do. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.