Last night, my family and I had the incredibly fun opportunity to attend a local screening of Monsters University. While I received free tickets in exchange for sharing our experience with you, all opinions are my own.

All four of us left the theater with huge smiles on our face. Monsters University, the “prequel” to Monsters Inc. (2001), is a movie everyone in the family will enjoy. Monsters University is now officially tied with Toy Story 3 as my all-time favorite Pixar movie. I LOVED it and cannot wait to see it again! Today I wanted to share with you my “Top 10 Reasons You Should Go See Monsters University! ”

10. Reminisce about your own college days, as Monsters University so accurately captures the essence and spirit of a college campus.campus

9. There is an adorable new short at the beginning of this film called, “The Blue Umbrella.” It was beautiful, touching, and in keeping with the excellence of previous Pixar shorts. John Lasseter is a genius.

8. You finally get to find out why there’s so much bad blood between Mike and Sully and Randall. (If it’s possible, you’ll dislike Randall even more after this movie!)

7. Fun cameo appearances by John Krasinski, Bob Peterson (as Roz!!!), and John Ratzenberger as the Yeti! (Because what’s a Pixar movie without yetiJohn Ratzenberger?!)

OK6. You get a chance to root for the underdog! You’ll find yourself cheering for Oozma Kappa, willing them to win the Scare Games in the same way you cheered for Rudy (in Rudy) and the Titans (in Remember the Titans.) This team of misfits has a ton of heart (and a ton of hysterical moments!) You’ll fall in love with the OK frat brothers.

5. It is laugh out loud funny! I cannot count how many times my family (and the whole theater!) laughed during the movie. The writing in this movie is excellent.

4. Amazing all-star cast! This movie features the talents of not only the incomparable voice talents of Billy Crystal and John Goodman, but Helen Mirren, Sean Hayes, Steve Buscemi, Aubrey Plaza, Nathan Fillion, Bonnie Hunt, and so many other incredibly talented actors.

3. Watch and learn how Mike and Sully went from being “frenemies” to best friends and the most talented duo Monsters Inc. has ever seen! The storymikeandsully of their friendship is something many of us can relate to. It’s real, honest, and inspirational.

mike2. Fall in love with Mike Wazowski! See Mike as a little boy, and watch how he uses his determination, passion, and heart to motivate and inspire others and continue pressing on, even when others counted him out or when his situation seemed dim and hopeless. YOU will be inspired to keep going, and to never stop believing in yourself, no matter what anyone thinks or says.

1. This is Pixar at its very best. Incredible animation coupled with brilliant writing and an group of voice talent mixes with a heartwarming  (and funny!) story of trial, friendship, perseverance, determination, and the power of hard work. I cannot say enough good things about this film. This is a movie that every member of the family will enjoy. Make sure you head to the theater to see Monsters University this summer!

Monsters University hits theaters June 21st! See you at the movies



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