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Children are spending more and more time in front of TVs, iPads, computers, and video games. That doesn’t leave much room for kids to dream up their own visual images—like the ones that fill their minds when they hear a great story! Rather than passively receiving images, kids actively engage
in making images themselves when they hear a good story. Their imaginations are enriched and stimulated, and the material becomes more personal and memorable.

Adventures in Odyssey is all about great stories—and the power of the imagination. The beloved audio dramas are heard on over 700 radio stations, and AIO has recently expanded to books and devotionals—including The Imagination Station series, a fast-growing line of early chapter readers. You can check them out by downloading a FREE e-book of Imagination Station #1: Voyage with the Vikings!

This summer, Adventures in Odyssey encourages kids to write their OWN stories, as they join in ACTS: A Call to Serve! AIO is helping children use Costa Rica Graphictheir imaginations to serve their family, community, and world this summer—maybe by sending a care package to a missionary or baking cookies for the local fire department. Check out www.whitsend.org/acts  for details and a chance to win fabulous prizes, including a mission trip with a parent to Costa Rica!

More important than prizes are the stories your child will tell about the creative ways they served
others, and how they grew as a result. And what they come up with really might change the world!

This summer, I wanted to let my children take the lead in deciding how we will serve others. We decided to take the A.C.T.S. Summer of Service Challenge and use our time to bless others. It was so fun to let them sit back and dream up ways to serve that not only would bless others, but that fit with their giftings and personalities.

We will be constructing “Blessing Bags” for the homeless and those people who are standing on the street corners asking for help. So many people look the other way. Some even sneer. My daughter however, saw a woman standing on the corner with a sign, and asked what she was doing. When I explained that she was going through a hard time, and she was asking for help, my daughter’s heart began to show. “Mommy! Let’s help her. I want to give her some of my money.” She saw a need and wanted to meet it. To honor Hannah’s loving spirit, we will be putting together Ziploc bags full of things like bottles of water, granola bars, gloves, toothbrush, etc. to hand to those we pass by as we drive.

My son’s idea was to serve at our church’s food pantry. Once a week, we open our doors and community members come and receive boxes of food. We have lots of people on hand to help carry food, etc. BUT, we also have those who are there just to visit or share a smile. I know my son’s infectious joy would brighten the day of anyone needing to make use of the food pantry.

How will your family serve this summer? What creative ideas can you come up with? Use your imagination and let your love for others shine. Here’s a story of how one special boy served others.

Matthew with appA Creative Story of Service
Fourteen-year-old Matthew, a dedicated Adventures in Odyssey fan and natural tech whiz, was inspired by a trip to the Apple store to create a smartphone app for his church. Since then, he has created 21 apps for different ministries, including his local pregnancy resource center, Joni and Friends (an international ministry for people with disabilities), and even an “Adventures in Odyssey Fan News” app! Matthew used his God-given talents and imagination to bless others through technology. Which of your kid’s unique gifts are waiting to be unleashed for God’s use?

There are SO many creative ways to serve and show love to others. Using our unique talents and ideas can help us change the world in such an authentic and caring way. Let’s rally with our kids this summer and see how we can serve others. The possibilities are limitless, especially when we use our imaginations!

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