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Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Featured, Food and Drink, Reviews and Giveaways | 52 comments

Outback Steakhouse Military Mates Giveaway #BestMates

Outback Steakhouse Military Mates Giveaway #BestMates

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*This post is sponsored by Outback Steakhouse. While I received a gift card in exchange for this post, all opinions are my own.

In 8th grade, my class went on a field trip to Washington DC. I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of pride in my country as tears fell down my cheeks as I gazed out at Arlington National Cemetery. Rows and rows of flags, marking the graves of heroes. The gravity of their sacrifice didn’t start to really hit home until high school.

My high-school and university both hosted a fantastic ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) program. As a result, I have dozens of friends who selflessly made the choice to serve and honor their country through military service, many still currently serving overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. As I sit and read updates from their friends and loved ones from the comfort and safety of my home, I once again feel that pride in my country as tears fall. Thankful is too small of a word to describe how I feel. These phenomenal men and women sacrifice everything for us, and for our country. All give some. Some give all. I am in absolute awe of the choice the men and women of our military have made, and am so grateful for each and every active-duty soldier, reserve soldier, veteran, and members of military families. Outback Steakhouse is grateful too!

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Content and/or other value provided by out partner, Outback Steakhouse.

Outback Steakhouse will honor our nation’s heroes with 10% off the entire check at Outback when they come in for lunch or dinneroutback valid now through July 4, 2013.ย  Get the word out and let all of your friends and loved ones in the military know about this great deal.

I’m also giving away a $20 gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse! Good luck!
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  1. My husband!! He was in the Army and I am so proud of his service to our country. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My grandfather…and anyone else who has served!

  3. I’d like to thank my big brother who served in the Navy.

  4. My nephew who has spent lots of time in the Middle East.

  5. I don’t personally know anyone at this time, but I’d like to thank every single service person for the awesome job they do.

  6. Well all the members of the military need to be thanks!! However I would like to give a thanks to my son!!!

  7. Thank you to our troops who fight for our freedom!

  8. My brother in law knows our family is thankful for his service in the past.

  9. I don’t know anyone actively serving right not but my dad’s a vet. I’d like to thank him.

  10. Yes my BIL Chris! They are currently in Belgium. 16 months down and 20 months to go at least!

  11. I want to thank my dad. He is retired military now but he spent most of my childhood in the military and I remember him being gone a lot because of it.

  12. My husband! He said it was the best job he ever had – but now that he’s a father, he’d rather be a civilian.

  13. My best friend Casey. He just got back but he was gone for about 2 years. I want to thank him for his great service to our country!

  14. I’d like to thank Matt, my supervisor at work

  15. My Dad, my grandpa, my sister and brother were all in th Army-Thank you

  16. Thank you for your service, Jimmy!

  17. I would like to thank my grandpa,my Uncle Brooks my cousins (Brendon, Bryce and Gavin) and my friend Ashlyn. Thank you for your service. I love you all!

  18. I’d like to thank my father-in-law who was in the Marines.

  19. My Uncle and 2 cousins. Very proud of their service and all others who serve as well.

  20. My nephew Zach is in the Navy.

  21. Our daughter’s friend, Pat, a proud Marine!

  22. I’d like to thank all who served in the past, present and in the future.

  23. my little brother

  24. I’d like to thank all of our military for their daily sacrifices.

  25. My brothers serves in the army.

  26. I am so proud of my father who served during WWII and many decades after in the Air Force Reserve.

  27. I would love to thank my two oldest sons who are Marines! I would also love to thank my nephew in the Army

  28. my son in law served in the army for many years

  29. I do not have anyone in my family serving but I would like to thank all the military men and women serving, or that has served, on my behalf.

  30. I would love to thanks my hero, my husband, hes retired now and a disabled vet…thanks…

  31. i don’t personally have a family member so i’d like to thank all the troops; we really never forget your sacrifices!! please be safe!!!!

  32. Id like to thank all of the service men and women and my late grandfather who served twice in WWll.

  33. I thank my cousin, just got back from serving.

  34. I would like to thank my husband, who was in the Army.

  35. my 2 cousins.

  36. I would like to thank my cousin for his 20 years of service to the Navy.

  37. A good friend of mine who died while serving a few years ago. he will always be missed.

  38. I am grateful for my father in law who was a fighter pilot in the Air Force.

  39. I would like to thank all of the military!!

  40. Yes my husband was in the Navy during Vietnam, I’m very proud of him.

  41. I’d like to thank my Dad who served in the Army

  42. My husband

  43. id like to thank my dad ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. I would like to thank my husband who is finally home after serving a 2nd tour in Afghanistan with the Army. He is my hero as someone in the military as well as just being my best friend as well.

  45. I’d like to thank them all.Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. I would like to thank my grandpas, dad, uncles and Everyone who served in military!
    Thank You

  47. my dad and all that have risked their lives for our freedom

  48. I am so thankful for all of the men and women who serve our country!

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