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The team at SuperMe have developed a product sure to bring out the hero inside every child. When your child slips on their SuperMe Cape Backpack, he or she is not only ready to tote their sack lunch to the park or their jammies and toothbrush to Grandma’s house, they are ready to take on the world! All children love to play superheroes. Mothers the world over have been crafting capes out of sheets and towels for decades. Now, you can letMaple Bacon Bar (1 of 2) your child become a superhero with a backpack that’s also practical, stylish, and functional.

This is the perfect first backpack for your toddlers and preschoolers – especially those who may be jealous of older siblings going off to school! Our little man shrieked with joy when we took the pack out the box. “MY backpack!” he called out, as he ran over to quickly put it on. When he discovered the cape, he was in heaven. This backpack is helping him feel like a “big kid” too.

We chose the Naturalist Preschool Cape Backpack.  Within a few minutes, I immediately knew my sons would be fighting over who got to claim the backpack as their own. In the words of my five year old when asked what made the Cape Backpack better than a regular backpack, “It’s fun! You get to pretend that you’re flying, and not just Maple Bacon Bar (2 of 2)carrying stuff.” (How can that type of review not make you smile?)

The cape feature is also great in motivating kids to carry their own gear! Free up your hands or space in the stroller, and have your kids tote their own snacks, water bottle, and “to-go” activities on your next hike, trip to the park, outing to the zoo, etc. Kids like wearing the backpack, because not only is it “COOL” (to quote my two year old), but they become a superhero when they wear it!

Features I Love

  • Totally water-resistant! This is a MUST out here in the Pacific NW.
  • It’s very light-weight. It’s light enough for young backs to carry.
  • Reflective buckles for added safety
  • Adjustable straps

Features Kids Love

  • Superhero cape! How many backpacks come with a built-in cape?! Your child can go from zero to Superhero in about 2 seconds with this stowaway cape, that can be easily pulled out or put away.  The cape may give the child who is a bit nervous to go to preschool, the church nursery, the play-date at the park,etc the extra bit of courage and confidence needed to make it through!
  • What other backpack comes with a matching superhero eye mask?


You can customize your backpack by adding a SuperMe Patch. You can also choose a variety of different backpack colors. There is sure to be a SuperMe backpack that is just right for your little superhero. They also make great insulated lunch bags that come with a superhero utility belt! They’re super cute!

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