I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Haribo. I received product samples, and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

La la la-la la la, sing a happy song!

La la la-la la la, smurf it all day long!

Now that I got that song stuck in your head for the remainder of the day, I get to tell you about the new Smurfs Gummies from Haribo. Haribo has been making delicious gummy candies since 1920, and have a TON of delicious varieties to satisfy every sweet tooth. With the release of Smurfs 2, now is the perfect time to try tasty Haribo Smurfs.

Whether you’re hitting the theaters to catch the Smurfs in action, or looking for a fun treat for family night, the whole family will love these yummy gummies!

When I was little, I was always a bit scared of the Smurfs, and I may or may not still associate men with a “horseshoe” haircut with Gargamel…BUT, the sight of the pint-size blue heroes brings me right back to the ’80’s. I can see myself sitting on our shag carpet watching Saturday morning cartoons. It’s fun to be able to share a bit of my childhood with my own children.

blog (2 of 4)These bite-sized treats are crafted to look like some of your favorite smurf characters. Bite Papa Smurf’s hat or chew on Smurfette’s golden hair. You’ll love the yummy raspberry flavor. (These are weird sentences…) BUT, these gummies are delicious and tons of fun.

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I’d love to say that we shared the candies I received, but my children thieved them out the pantry! The Haribo Smurf gummies became their treat of choice over the past few weeks – being chosen over ice cream, popsicles, and even their Dad’s birthday cake! What can I say? Gummies (especially those from Haribo) are irresistible!

So whether you’re a child of the 80’s like me, and long for a bit of nostalgia, or whether you’re a parent with kids who love the Smurfs movies, you’ll want to check your local stores for these chewy treats.

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Seriously, you’re still singing that song aren’t you? =)