I don’t know you, but I’m guessing that somewhere in your house, you have a box….a box full of old (and somewhat embarrassing) cd’s. There are the old boy bands you used to love in high school, the power anthems you’d belt out in the car, and the guilty pleasure cd’s you may not want anyone to know you ever owned…(Can we say Hanson anyone?)

You may have a box of old gaming cartridges from the console you don’t use anymore. You might have upgraded your system and find yourself not needing your old games. (Or maybe your kids decided to stick a bunch of Q-tips in your PS3, and now it’s permanently broken…)

Maybe you have more DVDs and Blu-Rays than you have room for. Maybe you watch everything digitally now, or always use Netflix or your computer, and you find yourself wanting some of your storage back.

If you (like me) find yourself in any of these situations, you just might want to check out MusicMagpie.com. Music Magpie is a website that saves you the hassle of attempting to list your old media on the internet (because who likes it when buyers don’t show?) or making a trip to your local donation site..(’cause I’ve had boxes to donate in my garage for MONTHS!) Instead of having your sales fall through or never following through with your good intentions to donate, why not make a small profit and use Music Magpie.

It’s simple. Just enter the bar code from any of your music, games, or movies on their website. (You can even download and use their free mobile phone app!) You will instantly get a price quote, for how much they are willing to pay for each item. Then use their FREE shipping labels to send in your items. Then simply sit back and get paid…all for clearing out things you’re not using anymore anyways! The site is completely free to use with no seller fees, auctions, or the pain of having to list your item for sale. Start turning your old media into cash today.

Sell your old cd’s. Ship them for free. Make some money. Reclaim your closet (and maybe just a touch of your pride…) =)