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Hands-down, my least favorite chore is sweeping. I’d happily clean a toilet or fold a pile of laundry before sweeping my kitchen. I used to DREAD cleaning up the floor after a meal or an art project….that is, until now.

I was given a BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo, and am absolutely in love. (And yes, that is not only possible, but perfectly reasonable.) 😉  This is one of my new favorite things. If I were to write a song about my favorite things a la Julie Andrews of the Sound of Music, I’d include the Perfect Sweep Turbo amidst the schnitzel with noodles and whiskers on kittens. It makes my life easier. And really, when it comes down to it – isn’t that what moms are looking for?

The BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo is cordless, rechargeable, and REALLY works! I used to wait until the next day to attempt to sweep up things like dropped noodles and rice, as it was just too hard to do with my regular broom. Now, in just a few seconds, I can have the mess my four kids make at each meal cleaned up in a snap. My floor always stays clean. I am seriously in love with the BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo. My husband was helping out in the kitchen last night, and he grabbed the Perfect Sweep Turbo and said, “This thing is pretty cool.” <—— BIG endorsement from a man who sees dozens of packages and products show up on our doorstep for me to review! We have all been impressed with how well it works!

I got to see the BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo in action at LEGO KidsFest in Portland this past weekend as well. Not only can this sweeper tackle my family’s dinner scraps and my daughter’s collection of beads, but it can quickly sweep up minifigs, small LEGO bricks, and more! All of the kids and their parents LOVED trying to sweep up the bricks – and this incredible little machine definitely will get your kids clamoring to help you with the chores!

sweep (1 of 1)My own little miss loves to “help” with our Perfect Sweep Turbo. I know that she is safe using it, and she’s learning to help out at a young age! In fact, everyone in my family “fights” over who gets to sweep up after dinner now! Score one for me!! And thank you BISSELL!!

Buy one of these today. I implore you.

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