*This post is sponsored by Wisk via Smiley360. I received free product to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

Laundry. I don’t know about you, but I do A LOT of it. In a family of 6, with four active and outdoor-loving kiddos, our hampers are no strangers to dirty clothes. I am well-versed in grass-stains, juice spills, and mud. “Accident” sheets, shirts dotted with ketchup, and pants used as a napkin also make their way into my regular laundry. I’ve got stains. I’ve got smells. And, I don’t have time to re-wash, pre-soak, or any other fancy extra-step. I’m a throw in the soap and be on my way type of mom. Things to do, things to write, no extra time for laundry. I need a laundry detergent that WORKS.

Enter Wisk. Wisk cuts the tough grease and sweat that can accumulate in a shockingly large amount. (Like Wisk® Deep Clean® Original on Facebook While you’re there, you can find out how much “gunk” is in your laundry! Don’t do this while eating!!) Wisk Power Blasts zap the “inside dirt” (body oil, sweat, other gross words) and leaves your clothes looking and smelling amazing. (Seriously, I wish I could insert some type of magical computer scratch and sniff. My clothes smell AWESOME…..and I have little boys!)

wiskpacJust toss it in, and your work is done! Even I have time for this!! You can find the pacs in 24, 48, and 84 load bags. This is super-concentrated TOUGH laundry detergent in one convenient little pac. Pick some up at your local retailer.