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A baby on the way is always a big challenge. In fact, it’s the biggest challenge you will ever face, and you want to do the best possible job of it. However, there are a lot of things that can complicate raising your children, and one of them is money. Don’t feel bad for trying to cut corners. There are many items that you might think are necessary, but which really aren’t vital when you get right down to it.

Changing Table
It seems silly to buy a dedicated table that is only used for less than a couple years and is only to put your baby on top to change his diapers. Instead, you can take a normal table or cabinet and put a contoured pad on top of it to make the surface safe for your baby. Use the top drawers to stash the diapers, wipes and everything else you need. Once your baby doesn’t need changing anymore, that drawer can go back to its original use and you aren’t stuck with a piece of furniture you no longer need.

Baby Monitor
Before you rush out to get the latest baby monitor, consider a few things that might make it irrelevant. For starters, it’s generally better if your baby sleeps with you at first. This serves two purposes. It makes breastfeeding easier and it lets you keep a closer eye on your baby at night than even the best monitor can offer. However, if you prefer to have your child sleep in a different room, you will need a baby monitor. The best baby stores will have models that work even with interfering signals, like cellphone towers and Wi-Fi. Another option is to set up your laptop, smartphone or tablet as a baby monitor. This is particularly helpful if you are only going to need one occasionally.


There are some advantages to having your newborn sleep in a cradle or bassinet, according to Babycenter.com. Cradles and bassinets are cozier than cribs, especially since you should not use any extra bedding with your baby. They are smaller and easier to fit into your room, allowing your baby to sleep near you safely. Cradles are also cheaper than cribs. However, a cradle is not a must. You can use a crib just as effectively, if you have the space for one.

This is the other option for your baby to sleep in. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a crib. All cribs must follow the same safety guidelines, regardless of price. As long as you are buying a new crib from a reputable manufacturer, you will not have to worry about safety. The cheaper crib may not have the same bells and whistles, but it will be a good place for your baby to sleep. That said, you should be sure to choose a good mattress. Foam is a good option, since it’s light and easy to clean. Your baby is going to have a lot of accidents.