*This post is sponsored by the Mt. Hood Railroad via USFG. I received free tickets in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Last week, my family headed down to Hood River, Oregon and climbed aboard The Polar Express. As we waited in the station, our children grew unbelievably excited as they saw the train slowly chug down the track and into place. As they caught sight of the conductor, I heard small gasps of joy escape their mouths. They instantly started waiting for those two magic words…..”All aboard!”

The kids were each given a special golden ticket (just like in the movie) and were told to wait for the conductor to come by and ask for their ticket. polar2

The Coach car was adorable, and the perfect style of seating for a family with young children. Even our active three year old was able to ride comfortably, able to move around with ease. I loved sitting together as a family, and enjoyed watching the anticipation build for my children as we waited for our adventure to begin.


Crew members dressed in chef garb brought us hot chocolate (of course!) and delicious gingersnap cookies. The kids were so thrilled to have hot chocolate, just like in the book and movie. As we rode along, the “Hobo” character from the movie would walk through the cars, talking to passengers (and to himself!), delighting the children. He walked by our seats and told us he was the king of the North Pole!

The conductor came by in true form, “Tickets. Tickets please.” He sat down with our family, and punched letters into each child’s ticket. The kids had such fun deciding what their letter stood for.


The train stopped to wait for the “caribou” to cross, and pulled into the North Pole. The kids could see Santa waiting, and were thrilled to hear he would be boarding the train. Santa stops and spends time with each and every child on the Polar Express, allowing parents to take photos, and asking every child what they want for Christmas. And the best part? Santa gives every child their own bell from his sleigh. My children began to ring their bell, so excited they could hear it. polar3

The Polar Express is the perfect way for families to celebrate the holiday season, and this trip is sure to help you find the holiday spirit. May the bell always ring for you, as it does for all who truly believe. Merry Christmas!

Polar Express Tickets and Schedule

The Polar Express runs December 4th-8th, 11th-15th, 18th-22nd, 26th-29th.

Times are as follows: 11:30, 2:00, 4:30, and 7:00

Click HERE to check the train schedule and to book your tickets.







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