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It might not come as a surprise, that I think books are a pretty fabulous gift. When you give a child a book, you give them the gift of learning….an adventure…inspiration….unbridled creativity…it’s magic. (Yes, I LOVE books!) When you add in the element of personalization, a book become that much more special. Personalized products encourage early memorization of letters and name recognition/spelling/writing!

personalized books

Additionally, personalized books are a special reminder to a child just how important they are. As they read their name on each page, they feel loved – blog1 (2 of 4)noticed – worthwhile. Seeing your name in print is a momentous experience for a child, and my children LOVE the personalized books they have received.

We were blessed to receive flattenme’s new book -” (Name) is a Multicolor Kid.” I chose to get this book for my  kindergartner (and avid reader) Henry. When he opened the box, and saw his name on the cover, he was thrilled!

What’s a better way to tell your child that they contain all the beautiful colors of the rainbow than with a personalized book from flattenme! Whether it’s red for their love, white for their courage, or blue for their imagination, this personalized book let’s the reader know that they are a special child and loved through and through.

Each page features a new color, and a description of how the child is like the color. Henry’s personal favorite was orange! In his words, “I like this book because it’s about ME, and it has the color orange in it. I feel great because it has my name on the front.I think the parents should buy this book for their kids.” =) You can’t beat a kid’s endorsement!

blog1 (1 of 4)With options to have either your child’s name, or name AND photo in a book and with a variety of different stories, appealing to both boys and girls, there is something for every child. Click HERE to check out their website and see what they have to offer! Flattenme also has t-shirts, water bottles, and more! Children will be overjoyed to have something with their name on it! (Especially if they like myself, have a uniquely spelled name or a name that you don’t typically find engraved on toothbrushes and novelty license plates!) EVERY child can feel special with a book from flattenme!

Click HERE to watch a short video to see how it works!

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