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People who live within inner city areas like those found in major metropolitan cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia and New York may find that green and waste-free services do exist right in their own back yard. Whether these individuals live within high rise apartment buildings or mixed use spaces, they can fully benefit from the usage green technology products and services that conserves and preserves energy. Numerous urban developers and redevelopment agencies have heavily invested in green strategies such as solar energy and recycled water. Urban residents can also benefit from services that leave little to no carbon footprint by utilizing waste-free and eco-friendly services. Organic and natural products are utilized during service delivery for dry cleaners, carpet cleaning and other services. These services benefit customers, business operators and the earth as a whole.

Carpet cleaning specialists like GreenChoice Carpet Cleaning offer green services in the borough of Brooklyn and provide a relevant example of how green services can function in urban environments. Many of the cleaning products utilized by carpet cleaners like GreenChoice for carpet and rug cleaning include those identified as organic and natural, making them safe for families and pets. These types of eco-friendly companies not only provide a highly needed service but also do so in a manner that helps preserve the environment. Environmentally conscious consumers can make the choice to go green, even in an urban environment.