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When considering a gift for your mother, few things make a better choice than a pair of earrings. From styles that are a classic for any woman’s wardrobe to unique, modern pieces that catch the eye, these ultimate accessories can echo her style perfectly, will cause her to think of you whenever she puts them on and do not have to break the bank.

 Why Jewelry For Her Ears?

 A search for this accessory for your mother causes a wonderful thing to happen: you will, by necessity, have to really think about her. It will have you considering her personal style, her activity level, her tastes. What could be better than a gift that makes you realize and learn things about this central woman in your life? They are also, always, the perfect fit — never too tight nor loose, and they never shrink. They can bring together an outfit that needs that extra punch, and will emphasize unique colours and features of your mother’s face. They can be the most personalized gift that you ever give to her.

 How Do I Choose?

The first fact to consider is whether or not your mother has pierced ears. This will dictate the type to buy, well before you consider their style. Clip-ons are generally more difficult to find, but are still available in many styles. A creative way to approach this could be to give her a pierced pair with a gift certificate for ear piercing. After this, the next questions to ask yourself are:

 What is her lifestyle?

Does she work in an environment that requires her to look polished and professional? This setting requires classic pieces of varying sizes, gold or silver, diamonds or pearls. Is she retired but active? Keep it simpler with pieces that can easily be taken on and off, with fun details and colors.

 What are her tastes?

If your mother wears colorful clothing and likes to stand out, her jewelry should reflect this. Large, bold pieces will complement her style and character. If she has a subdued wardrobe, classics such as gold, silver or pearl studs would fit.

 Does she wear other jewelry?

If so, anything on her ears should closely match or complement her necklaces, bracelets and watches.

 Nothing is a better gift choice for your mother than a pair of earrings. With a little thought before you buy, they can be a perfect complement to her tastes and lifestyle.