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On cozy winter nights, sometimes I still look down at my feet as I sit on the couch reading, and look for our lab. I could always count on Joey to be nestled at my feet, content to be close – resting in the known love of his owners. And oh- was he loved. Joey passed nearly 3 years ago from cancer, and we feel the loss all the time – but I think the pain is a bit deeper in the winter.

Like our children, our dogs LOVE to get outside and PLAY in the winter-time. Get your dog out of the house and into some winter adventures. Dog Fence DIY encourages exploration beyond the fence! What outdoor winter adventures will you have with your dog this year? Will you explore your local park? Take a vacation together? Let his paws roam new and uncharted territory?

I still remember the first time our dog encountered his first amount of REAL snow. We headed outside with our young daughter and our Joey's blanketfaithful lab. With curiosity and much joy, he bounded off the deck and into the unknown bed of white on the ground. He trotted off to find his favorite thing – his blankie. Joey was rarely seen without his blanket in his mouth – carried around much like a young child with his or her lovey. The thing about that day, was that Joey’s blanket was frozen solid! He quickly discovered that everything in his world had changed – this was a new adventure! He had so much fun exploring the winter world. He was tentative at first – but his caution soon gave way to an afternoon of snowy fun.

Our four-legged friends turn an ordinary experience into something memorable. A simple walk, trip to the park, or stroll through your neighborhood can become cherished memories when you share them with man’s best friend.

Like children (and adults!) our dogs need the freedom to roam, play, and explore outside of their fence! New surroundings and experiences are vital to the happiness of your best furry friend.

I recall the first time my husband and I took Joey to the beach. The SECOND his paws hit the sand he was off and running! It was like he was experiencing true freedom for the first time. We have a nice sized yard, and he’d experienced trail walks, but the freedom of the expanse of sand was new for him. (And he LOVED every second of it!) Joey had the heart of a marathon runner that day – demonstrating such endurance and enthusiasm. We were able to play, throw balls to his heart’s content, and truly enjoy his company.

Now that Joey is gone, I am SO thankful for the memories of the adventures we took with him beyond our fence. I am happy we were able to create memories that hold him in our heart. Get outside. Love on your dog. Make new memories.