This Snow Ice Cream recipe is the perfect snow-day treat!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we don’t get a lot of measurable snow. We usually see flurries and flakes, but REAL accumulation is rare. It started snowing a few days ago, and for 3 of my children, this is the first serious snow they’ve ever seen. We’ve been LOVING these  family snow days!

This morning, the snow continues to fall, and our neighborhood sleeps under a blanket of white. We bundled all four kids up and spent the morning sledding down our driveway. It has been so much fun watching our kids make memories out in the snow.

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Today, after our winter coats, boots, and scarves were shed, the kids and I headed into the kitchen to make a batch of Snow Ice Cream. This winter treat is so delicious, and tastes just like the homemade ice cream we enjoy during the summer months. It was the perfect way to end our morning fun, before taking a break to warm up! I know you’ll love it!


snow ice cream recipe


10 cups lightly packed snow (Make sure to use CLEAN snow!)

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 T milk

To Prepare:

1. Gather clean, fresh snow. Make sure to take the snow from areas that haven’t had foot traffic, or animal visitors! The kids love helping with this part!

snow (9 of 11)2. Next, slowly add the can of sweetened condensed milk, stirring as you go. You will see the consistency start to change. I  added about 3/4 of the can.

snow (10 of 11)3. Stir in the vanilla and milk.

4. Serve immediately and enjoy!

You could easily add in chocolate syrup, strawberry jam, or other mix-ins to change up the flavor. However, the classic vanilla is amazing! Enjoy!

Snow Ice Cream