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You want your dog to be better behaved so that both dog and owner will be happier living together. The journey to achieving the goal of having an obedient dog begins by following some basic tips.

Start Early

The earlier you begin training your dog the better. Dogs are a lot like children in that they develop bad habits over time. If you do nothing to correct these habits, the dog is much harder to train as they age.

Reward Good Behavior

Once training has started, you can get results a lot quicker when you reward your dog for the things they do right. This provides your pet with positive reinforcement. Hold off on giving them a treat when they do the opposite of what you want. Be firm in supporting obedience.

Have a Regular Schedule

Dogs do better during obedience training when they are put on a regular schedule. Doing some training every now and then is not going to be very effective. The dog will forget or not take you seriously. Plan to do your training when you have lots of time to spend with them.

Keep Your Cool

Everybody has a different tolerance level when it comes to dog training. There may be times when you feel like yelling at your pooch. Dogs are prone to acting up or doing as they please regardless of what you want. Obedience training requires patience. Stay calm, focused and firm at all times.

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