*This post is sponsored by Proctor & Gamble and Family Dollar. I received a gift card and product samples to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

All moms are looking for two things – better ways to clean, and a great value. When you shop at Family Dollar, you can get both. At Family Dollar, you get a better clean for every dollar.

Family Dollar stocks the best new laundry products from trusted brands, including new and convenient fabric care options from Gain and Tide that offer extra benefits – like the best stain removal and great, new scents – and at great value pricing.

Family Dollar shoppers take pride in making their families’ look and feel their best, and clothes are an important part of that equation. Family Dollar offers the latest innovations in fabric care to assure your family has an affordable clean – a better clean for every dollar. The new P&G products will help keep your family’s clothes cleaner and are part of a regimen to keep them looking newer and lasting longer.

With four kids, I know a little something about needing clothes to last. When my oldest daughter and son get something new, I am hoping and praying the piece lasts so my younger son and daughter can wear it too. Here are a few tips to make your family’s clothes last a little longer:

1. Play Clothes!

Play clothes are essential. We typically pick up some items at second-hand shops or through hand-me-downs, and use those items for outdoor and messy play. Having play clothes allows us to keep our nicer “school” and “church” outfits looking their best.

2. Re-Purpose Clothes

Turn Daddy’s work shirt he no longer likes into an adorable shirt dress. Sew the top of jeans that fit in the waist, but not in length to another piece of material to make a super-cute skirt. Hem pants with holes in the knees into summer shorts. There are many ideas out there to creatively use clothes in new ways.

3. Art Smocks are a Mom’s Best Friend

I don’t care how “washable” certain craft items are – if paint, markers, or glitter glue sits on a piece of clothing long enough – it’s there for good. Invest in an art smock or two, and keep your child’s masterpiece on paper where it belongs!

 4. Buy Quality Laundry Products

Here are a few quality laundry products that will keep your clothes looking newer longer:

Gain Flings :   These three-in-one single-use flings include 50% more scent, an oxi boost and the freshness of Febreze, for long-lasting freshness and cleaning power.

Tide Simply Clean & Fresh : Offers a dependable clean and superior mal-odor removal

Tide Plus Collection : Tide + Coldwater Clean, Tide + Febreze Freshness, Tide + A Touch of Downy, Tide + Bleach Alternative, Tide + Febreze Sport, Tide + Ultra Stain Release

One lucky Chasing Supermom reader will get to sample a few of these great laundry products, as well as have the opportunity to shop the values at Family Dollar. One reader will win: $25 Family Dollar Gift Card, and a few laundry sample products that include Downy Unstoppables, Gain Flings, and a few samples from the Tide Plus Collection.

*Please note that Family Dollar is not available in every state. Click here for a store locator. (We do not have any in the Pacific NW, so I sent my gift card to my mother-in-law.)

Good luck!

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