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I received my first Nintendo when I was 10 years old. I recount the many (many, many!) hours I spent with Mario, and love that my children are getting to experience classic Nintendo fun in an updated and fresh way.

New Super Mario Bros. U is classic old-school Mario in a fresh, updated, and exciting way. The game features remnants of the game we played in our childhood but also offers exciting new levels, power-ups, options, and ways to play and connect as a family. It’s the perfect blend of nostalgia and advancement.

art-multiplayAs a mom, I LOVE that all of my kids have the ability to play TOGETHER at the same time! Using the Wii U Game Pad, now up to 5 players can join together in the quest to save Princess Peach. Tonight, my husband and I were visiting in the family room, as the sounds of giggles and happy squeals came from the playroom. “Oh my goodness!” “Let’s get him!” “Can you believe this?!” Excitement and delight erupted as my two oldest kids (8&6), played happily together, navigating the Mushroom Kingdom, and working as a pair to defeat enemies. It was magic.

Riding YoshiMy kids love to venture through the Mushroom Kingdom as their Mii characters!

Journey through the Mushroom Kingdom as Marion, Luigi, Toad, or even your own Mii character! Fan-favorite heroes and enemies return along with a new set of characters to form an amazing all-star cast.

The Story:

It was just another lovely dinner at the castle with Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach… Until suddenly the ferocious Koopa fleet invades Mushroom Kingdom airspace, and launches a full-on assault! With Bowser at the helm and his Koopalings each in their own custom airships, the castle is under siege with the Princess trapped inside—and the heroes have been cast out to the furthest reaches of the Mushroom Kingdom. Can they make it back in time to save the day?

The game has more options now, as players can choose to play in one of four exciting modes. In Story Mode – players attempt to save Princess Peach….(and babies of the ’80’s like me rejoice that our children can experience a small piece of our childhood gaming adventures)! BUT, the game also has three new exciting modes!

◦ Boost Rush Mode: Using Boost Mode, two to five players work together to clear a pack of courses in the fastest time possible. The scene auto scrolls, forcing you to move ahead through the course. As you collect more coins, the scene scrolls faster. Once you’ve completed your run, you can watch a replay to help strategize for your next attempt.

Henry the Jr. Reviewer Says: You really have to dash in this level if you want to win and get the gold medal! I love getting to go fast and trying to win!

◦ Challenge Mode: Numerous single-player and multiplayer challenges incorporate a series of familiar Super Mario gameplay concepts in a fun, competitive way. These challenges offer high replay value as players try to achieve the best score and unlock new challenges. Boost Mode Challenges help players practice the teamwork necessary for effective Boost Mode gameplay. After finishing, players can watch a replay of their Challenge to strategize for next time.

Coin Rush Mode: Two to four players compete for the most coins in Coin Rush mode, and an extra player can join on the GamePad to help or hinder whomever they choose. Using the GamePad, you can also customize a Coin Rush level, placing coins and star coins in strategic or difficult spots, then play through again with your friends for a fresh new challenge.

I had the chance to play Coin Rush Mode with my son this morning- and it was a lot of fun! It was fun to go head to head, and yet still work together. This is also a great chance for more inexperienced players to learn the basic gaming controls.

Here is what Henry, my Jr. Reviewer had to say about New Super Mario Bros. U: Henrywithgame

What is your favorite thing about the game?

There is new power-ups like the Squirrel Mushroom, the “P” acorn, the Propeller Mushroom, the Penguin Suit – and so many more! There are also new enemies to defeat.

Who is your favorite character on New Super Mario Bros. U?

Mario! He can do backflips, can fly with a propeller suit, and he rides on Yoshi!

Why should people buy this game for their family?

There are awesome levels and you can play as your Mii! You can play with your brothers and sisters and have fun together.


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