*This post is sponsored by Guillow’s. I received free product to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

Simple has stood the test of time. Our kids don’t lack imagination – they just need inspiration. Guillow’s toy airplanes inspire children to activate their own imaginations. When a child has a Guillow’s airplane, he/she is ready to PLAY!

The fun begins as soon as you open the package of your new Guillow’s foam or balsa airplane kit. Not only are these airplane toys fun to play Soon (1 of 1)-2with – they are fun to put together! My six year old lit up as he began to open the package containing our airplane kits. Children who love art and/or hands-on activities will really enjoy putting together an airplane from Guillow’s. I loved that the kits were SIMPLE to put together. Within a few minutes, my 6 year old and I had several kits put together. Henry loved adding the decals that came with the foam gliders. It was fun to watch him work – seeing the anticipation of playtime build as he worked to get his new toys ready.

It wasn’t flashy. There weren’t a lot of bells and whistles. Nothing lit up or made sounds. No one was staring at a screen. Instead, Soon (1 of 2)we were enjoying the beautiful outdoors as a family. Playtime inspired family time. Memories were made as we tried to see who could through their airplane the furthest. Whose airplane could do the best trick? A friendly competition between parent and child ensued while another child flew a Guillow’s Space Shuttle around the lawn. It was magic.

Guillow’s toy airplanes haven’t changed much since dad and granddad were kids. Even their prices start at an amazing $1.79 — giving the sense of the good-ole-days. For 88 years Guillow’s has sparked wonder in childhood. Today’s kids may adore their electronics and software and big-screen games, but hand them a $3 airplane kit and watch!  They will discover the joy of being outside and flying a toy plane they constructed with their own hands.  Soon (1 of 2)-2

Our absolute favorite was the Guillow’s Sky Raider Foam Glider. With a 24 inch wingspan, this large glider gave us hours of backyard fun. Everyone wanted a turn throwing the Sky Raider – and by the end of the night all of us had perfected our throw. Who knew you could have so much family fun for just a few dollars?

Soon (2 of 2)-2Light as a feather and so simple to assemble, these gliders are the same ones that generations have been flying in the park and on the patio. Easy-to-read instructions are tucked inside each package. Don’t be surprised if kids spend hours flying, chasing and giggling the day away!

The balsa gliders and motorplanes were easy to assemble and provided lots of opportunity for hands-on fun. It was fun to watch the kids tinker with their throw and with small changes like wing position, checking to see what would work best, and what would produce different results. Without knowing it, the kids were practicing so many important skills like logic, spatial awareness, scientific reasoning, and other Soon (2 of 2)mathematical principles! Our favorite was the basic Guillow’s Eagle flyer. So thankful for toys like those Guillow’s makes, that inspire imaginative play and time together as a family.

One lucky Chasing Supermom reader is going to win a pack of 7 assorted foam and balsa Guillow’s airplane toys. You are going to have a blast putting these together and flying them with your family! These would be the perfect toy to take with you on your summer vacation, an outing to the park, or simply to enjoy in your own backyard. Thanks for entering and good luck!

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