It’s been a rough few weeks around our house. My emotions have been all over the place. Stress, anxiety, and fear have settled into my brain and my emotional shenanigans have been a bit out of control. Today, as I found myself in a quiet house for a few hours, I started to flip Build a Bear CEOthrough my notes from the 2014 Disney Social Media Moms Conference. As I read through my notes, the words of Maxine Clark, founder of Build-A-Bear, struck a chord.

As my family and I are in the beginning stages of contemplating our next steps, it’s easy to get caught up thinking about the end goal. I tend to live my life with my dreams in mind – always in the background of my thoughts and actions. But, when it’s time to make choices and changes, fear kicks in and joins forces with its friend and ally anxiety.

To grow and move, we have to change. We have to move through fear and anxiety’s territory and come out swinging. Change can be scary and difficult to navigate. It awakens emotions and can cause us to be irrational. BUT – change is necessary….that is, if you want to accomplish anything. I love what Maxine said about change: “More change equals more opportunities.”

Confining ourselves to our comfort zone (aka – the land of personal stagnation), we’ve typically tapped out all areas of opportunity. Those wells have run dry. But, when we recognize that in times of change, we have opportunities to grow emotionally, professionally, spiritually, and mentally – it’s hard to get too comfortable.

Perhaps you’re like me and fear change because you’ll make a mistake. Let’s be honest – we don’t always make the best choices. Each of us will likely fail in several different ways today – perhaps professionally, in our relationships, or as a parent. What we have to remember is that mistakes can signify that you DID something. You took a chance. You took a risk. You made an attempt. You’ll never get anywhere or get any better if you keep things exactly as is. Growth doesn’t happen in times of complacency.

Maxine said this, “Mistakes are opportunities to learn for the future.” Let that sink in. Re-read it a few times. Mull it over. Accept its truth.

We have to move forward – fear and all. Change is a necessary component for success – in any arena. If what we’re doing isn’t giving us the results we’re after – we have to do something about it.

What change will you make today? This week? Let’s walk this journey together. It may be hard. It won’t be comfortable. Growth is never about comfort. Enjoy the journey. “The journey is better than the destination.” ~Maxine Clark. Lean in to this time of change and relish the opportunities it is affording you. changequote


*I was invited to attend the 2014 Disney Social Media Moms Conference in Anaheim California. I paid a conference fee to attend the event, and received complimentary items, discounts, and other perks while attending. I was not asked to blog about my experience. All opinions are my own.

*Photo of Maxine Clark, courtesy of Josh Hallett @hyku