BACON! It’s meat candy. It’s the highlight of breakfast. It’s the reason many can’t quite commit to a meatless lifestyle. This tasty meaty treat deserves to be used throughout the day. I firmly believe bacon can and should be a part of not only breakfast, but lunch, dinner, and dessert as well!

As a lover of all things bacon, I compiled my ten personal favorite ways to use bacon. My favorite bacon is Hormel ® Black Label ® bacon. I absolutely ADORE their Maple Bacon – you must check it out! Hormel ® had a ton of great varieties of bacon.

Enjoy my Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Hormel  ® bacon.

Top Ten Ways to Eat Bacon

1. Bacon Cheeseburgers

Add a few slices of bacon to your cheeseburger. Bacon pretty much makes any burger better.

2. Bacon Pancakes

Cut up a few slices of cooked bacon, and add it to your favorite pancake batter for a savory twist on a morning favorite. I recommend bacon_pancakes_largeHormel’s Maple Bacon for this idea!

You can also click check out Hormel’s recipe for Bacon Pancakes.

3. BLT

Start with some great bread. I love sourdough or ciabatta for BLT. Add fresh heirloom tomato, crisp Romaine lettuce, and your favorite gourmet spread. Top it off with thick cut Hormel ® Black Label ® bacon. Delicious.

Maple Bacon donut4. Maple Bacon Donuts

I won a Hormel recipe contest with this recipe last year. A tasty classic maple bar topped with salty, savory Hormel ® bacon. The sweet and salty combo is amazing.

5. Bacon Baked Beans

One of my favorite ways to jazz up even canned baked beans is to add good quality bacon. I also like to stir in a scoop of brown sugar, a dollop of ketchup, and a splash of Worcestershire.

6. Green Beans with Bacon

Be it canned green beans or beans straight from your garden, when you add bacon, you can’t go wrong! I add bacon to the pot  of cooking beans along with half an onion and a good amount of freshly ground pepper. It gives your beans a wonderful smoky flavor.

7. Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps

My family’s new favorite dinner is chicken wraps. We start with our favorite tortilla, and fill it with either grilled or breaded chicken strips, a few slices of bacon, grated cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and Ranch dressing. SO easy and so delicious!

8. Top a SaladNaturalChoiceBaconPastaSalad-large

Cook up some Hormel ® Black Label ® bacon OR better yet, buy the Hormel ® Fully Cooked Bacon, and top your favorite green salad. I also like to add cooked bacon to potato salad and pasta salad. Try this recipe for Bacon Pasta Salad.

9. Breakfast Sandwiches

Toast up an English muffin or bake up a batch of your favorite buttermilk biscuits. Top with a fried or over-hard egg, a slice of cheese, and plenty of Hormel ® Black Label ® bacon. Who needs fast food when you can make these at home? We enjoy these for dinner quite often at our house.

10. Put it on a plate!

Who says you need a recipe? With quality bacon from Hormel ®, you don’t need anything other than a plate. Pile it on and enjoy!

Hormel bacon

*This post is sponsored by Hormel. As a Hormel Extended Family Blogger, I receive free product and information to facilitate my posts. All opinions are my own.