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Perhaps no company is as synonymous with “back to school” as Crayola. Every year, we head to the store and load up our cart with new boxes of Crayola crayons, markers, and colored pencils. We are and will always be a Crayola family.

crayolakidsI recently had a chance to check out some of the fantastic “back to school” products from Crayola. The kids and I were SO excited to do some hands-on product testing, and had a lot of fun in the process.

First, we got to have some outdoor fun with a few Crayola products. We had a blast in the backyard with the Outdoor Colored Bubbles. We were able to Crayola Color Bubblesblow some Ka-Bluey Blue and Purple Pizazz bubbles. These bubbles are just for the outdoors, and are the PERFECT accompaniment to water-play. The kids were having fun in the sprinkler, and were thrilled when I pulled out these bright, bold, and unique bubbles.

It was fun to watch their reactions as they saw the colored bubbles appear. The bubble solution is colored and will blow beautifully colored bubbles.


My daughter was able to have some fun and enjoy a bit of active play with a fun chalk set from Crayola. We all know Crayola makes fantastic sidewalk chalk. (We ALWAYS buy a few cases at the start of summer.) We tested the Chalk Grab ‘n Go Games – Obstacle Course. Crayola has a line of Grab ‘n Go Games, all of which would make fabulous birthday presents for upcoming classmate parties!

The pack included four sticks of colorful chalk, instructions, and four course markers. My daughter loved creating her own little obstacle course, full of twists, turns, and “mandatory spins.” =) (The kids later made an obstacle course that stretched the length of our over-sized driveway.) It was great to see their imagination in action and their bodies in motion!

crayola4After some outside fun, we got set up for art time! Drawing with your children is one of the most productive and fruitful activities you can do. We set aside the box of crayons (because we go through them like crazy here!), and got out the new Ultra-Clean Washable Markers! (I think it’s impossible for a mom of four kids to not be thrilled by that product name!)

Normally, I’m a bit skittish about letting my younger children (ages 2 and 3) play with markers. This time, I wasn’t concerned. Crayola is a brand I trust, and I was eager to see how the Ultra-Clean Washable Markers worked. They were SO thrilled to draw with the markers.

crayola4My little girl had so much fun creating works of art with these markers!

crayola5My son drew a train with the new markers!

About an hour after we pulled out the new markers, I had perhaps the BEST opportunity to truly test, praise, and review a product. It was uncanny. It was about an hour after we had colored together when I noticed this….

crayola6My two year old daughter chose to color on the back of our couch. I was skeptical, but eager to see if the Ultra-Clean Washable Markers truly lived up to their name. With just some warm water, a bit of Mr. Clean spray, and a rag, I was able to have my couch looking like this in just a few minutes:

crayola7There aren’t any words I can type that would give these markers a better endorsement than these before and after pictures. Thank you Crayola for saving my couch and remaining the most trusted brand in the business.

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