My family and I just got back from a trip to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. We had an incredible trip.

I wanted to share my favorite attractions, restaurants, shops, shows, etc. in each of the different lands throughout the parks. Today, I am sharing my picks from Hollywood Land in California Adventure. While Hollywood Land includes many incredible attractions, dining, and shopping experiences, these are my personal favorites. Sit back, get cozy, get excited, and take a vicarious trip to DCA!

Monster’s Inc: Mike and Sulley to the RescueSulley

Ride a taxi through the streets of Monstropolis. Follow the storyline of Monster’s Inc. and watch Mike and Sulley try to keep Boo safe, and return her home safely. You will travel through the city of Monstropolis, be decontaminated by the CDA (Child Detection Agency), dine at Harryhausen’s (keep your noses open – it smells good in this scene!), make a stop in the restroom, and visit the door factory. Watch out for Randall and make sure to keep your eyes open for the Yeti and his tray of snow cones. (Don’t worry – they’re lemon!)

Ages: This ride is suitable for all ages.

Watch Out For: The ride volume may be a bit loud for those with sensitivity to noise.

Don’t Miss:

  • When you are waiting in line, make sure to read the rules for monsters who are riding the bus. The little rule sheet is found in the line queue, on the window of the “ticketing station” for the bus line.
  • You’ll also want to read the menu for Harryhausen’s. (The large menu is hanging on the wall in the line queue. 
  • Make sure to check out what is inside the monster vending machines. (I personally was drawn to the “Bag O Calories.”)
  • At the end of the ride, your car will stop next to Roz. She will talk to your car or ask a question. Make sure to answer her! She is actually talking to you and will respond to what you say!

*We snapped this photo as we were exiting the ride. We have seen Sulley multiple times near this attraction!

Bonus Tip: Don’t miss out on the Monsters University Photo Opp in Hollywood Land!

monsters university


Muppet Vision 3Dmuppets

Every time we visit DCA, we typically catch Muppet Vision 3D multiple times. In classic Muppet form, the show is jam-packed with humor and shenanigans. From the sardonic wit of Waldorf and Statler to the egocentric mishaps of Miss Piggy to the “Wocka Wocka” of Fozzy Bear, this 3D show has it all (including some pretty cool effects!)

Ages: This show is suitable for all ages.

Watch Out For: There are a few loud/”scary” parts of the show. Children with sensitivity to noise may not enjoy this activity.

Don’t Miss: 

  • As you wait for the 3D show to begin, you will wait inside a holding area. Make sure to watch the show that is playing in the room. My husband and I have been quoting lines from the show for years now. It’s funny, cute, and in true Muppet form. (Lots of dry humor to be found!)
  • The holding area has some fantastic photo opps. Have your child pose with some of the great props set up around the room.
  • During the show, you’ll want to look behind you when they reference the Swedish Chef with the cannon. (He will actually be back there – “firing” at the stage!)
  • Bubbles will fall during the show! Make sure your child notices!


Disney’s Aladdin: A Musical Spectaculardisneys-aladdin-00

The opportunity to watch Aladdin in the beautiful Hyperion theater is worth the price of admission into the park. Aladdin is a near-Broadway quality musical theater performance that should top your “must-do’s” in DCA. This performance combines incredible acting, gorgeous set-dressing, and all of the “Disney details.” The show is a condensed version of the Disney classic, and features all of your favorite songs.

Ages: Best suited for mature preschoolers+ (due to duration, consideration of all audience members, etc.)

Watch Out For: The show is approximately 45 minutes long, and there are no bathrooms in the theater. (You are allowed re-entry.) You will want to get to the theater at least half an hour prior to show-time, in order to ensure the best seats. You will wait outside in a holding area. (Note that you are not allowed to save seats. Your entire party must be together in order to enter the holding area.)

Don’t Miss:

  • The Genie!! Every time I have watched this show, the Genie without a doubt, steals the show. He is brilliantly funny, current, and keeps the show fresh with pop-culture references.
  • We enjoy sitting in the balcony when we attend the show, as we get a great view of the flying carpet! During the show, Aladdin and Jasmine fly through the theater on a “real” flying carpet. You will feel like a kid again.
  • Of course, if you are on the floor, your child may love watching the “elephant” march down the aisle, carrying Prince Ali on top! Prince Ali’s royal parade is quite the spectacle!


Turtle Talk with Crushturtle-talk-with-crush-00

Turtle Talk with Crush so totally rocks! Dude! (If you’ve been to the attraction, you know that this is Crush’s catch-phrase!) In Turtle Talk with Crush, families enter a small theater, where children are invited to sit on the “lily pads” in front of a large “tank.” The cast member in the room introduces the audience to Crush, who then begins to interact with the audience. Crush will call on various kids, “the girl with the purple shell”, or “I want to hear from the boy with the picture of Goofy on his shell,” and ask them questions. Your kids will be delighted as Crush responds directly to them – giving them surfer nicknames and answering all of their questions. Don’t miss this one!

Ages: All ages (Preschool-Elementary will enjoy this attraction the most)

Watch Out For: Children (or adults!) who do not like being put on the spot, or speaking in front of groups, may not enjoy this attraction. While children are invited to raise their hands if they have a question, at times, Crush will simply call on various children and adults in the audience.

Don’t Miss:

  • Have a creative question or two ready to ask Crush. He is quick on his turtle feet, warm, and funny. You’ll love his responses.
  • Seriously  – Crush is FUNNY! (“My friend Marlin lost his son once. Yeah, he was lost for an hour and forty-seven minutes. Turns out he was at the dentist the whole time.”) He was cracking us up the whole show!


Award Wienersaward-weiners-00

My choice for dining in Hollywood Land is Award Wieners. Here you will find one of the cheapest meal options in the park. For $6.29, you will get a hot dog and choice of chips or apples. (You can also pay $0.20 more and get yourself a kid’s meal, that also comes with carrots and a drink!)

My choice at Award Wieners is the Chili Cheese Dog, which is currently $6.99. The hot dog is topped with tasty chili and two kinds of cheese. Yum.


Enjoy your trip to DCA’s Hollywood Land!


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