I absolutely LOVE Halloween!

I love watching my kids get dressed up and go trick-or-treating and march in their school’s Halloween parade. However, much to the chagrin of my professional seamstress mother, I do not sew. So, when it comes to Halloween costumes, if it’s not EASY to make or put-together, it’s just not going to happen.

There are many amazing and incredible Disney costume ideas out there.  There are ideas and designs for just about any Disney character you can imagine. However, many of the ideas are very detailed and elaborate, and require a fair amount of sewing skills. I’m much more of a “find various items and put them together to make a costume” type of mom. All of these ideas are do-able, and realistic for busy moms. They won’t break the bank, don’t require a PhD in sewing, and are absolutely adorable.  (And I promise – for real – these are all do-able!!)


Happy crafting and happy Halloween!!

Disney Princesses

DIY Anna Costume from Disney’s Frozen by Life as a Mom


DIY Aurora Costume by The Frugal Flock


DIY Ariel Costume by The Frugal Flock


Favorite Female Characters (Non Princess)

DIY:: Disney Costumes {Mary Poppins and Bert} by Make It!!! with Mal:

mary poppins

Vanellope von Schweetz Cosplay FAQ by AnyaPanda Official


Doc McStuffins DressUp Costume by Life Songs of a Busy Mom


 Favorite Male Characters

DIY No-Sew Kristoff by Mom Endeavors

DIY-Kristoff-Costume-via-momendeavors.com_Fix it Felix Jr. by Chasing Supermom

FelixMy son was Fix it Felix Jr. last year for Halloween. This costume was really easy to put together. We needed jeans, brown work boot type shoes, a blue collared shirt, blue baseball cap, toy tool belt, and  minimal design work in Photoshop. The only thing we had to make was the FF for the hat (which we simply attached with safety pins), and the Felix name tag.

 Mr. Smee Costume byDesert Chica




Cool DIY Monster’s Inc Family Costumes (Mike, Sulley, & Boo) by Coolest Homemade Costumes


*I think to be even simpler, you could simply use a green shirt that is much too large, and glue the felt pieces to that. Not quite as cute, but would work for those moms who don’t like to sew. (AKA – Me!)


Easy Homemade Goofy Costume by Coolest Homemade Costumes

Goofy Costume

 Seven Dwarfs


This was uploaded to Pinterest without a blog post, so I can’t give credit….BUT, I love the simplicity of this idea. Pair a large tunic with black leggings, add a few felt “buttons” and a simply made dwarf belt, and voila! The beards and hats look easy to create as well. This would make a great family costume!

Easy Homemade Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee Costume by Coolest Homemade Costumes


*Not the greatest picture, but I love this idea! If I ever get to do a RunDisney event, this is definitely in the running for my costume!

DIY Costumes: The Incredibles by While They Snooze

DIY_Incredibles_halloween_costumeThis is SO easy! I love it! All you need to “make” is the logo. She does a great job listing exactly what she purchased for the rest of the look.


Grim Grinning Ghosts

GhostsI cannot find the originator of this awesome idea. Some old clothes (hit up the thrift store!), a few cool hats and some spray paint, and some great wigs – and voila! You can become a happy haunt with just a touch of creativity.

Here’s to a crafty (but not stressful!) Halloween! Have fun putting together a fabulous Disney costume for your family this year.