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Some people say that one man’s trash is another’s treasure and it turns out this can be true when it comes to recyclables as you can actually turn a profit from selling instead of scrapping any old purchases.

You don’t have to be Alan Sugar to come up with a plan to turn a profit from your old refuse as it’s incredibly easy. For example you try your hand at selling your old appliances like blenders, kettles, irons or microwaves through newspaper listings or on a website like Gum tree or through advertising
on special Facebook groups.

Or if you’re looking to clear out a horde of old toys or DVDs, you could always try selling them on at a jumble or yard sale. Rather than taking them to a charity drive, why not make a profit from them yourself at a yard sale?

Also if you have a ton of old clothes, instead of passing them down or cutting them into rags you could try putting them on sites like Vinted which specialise in clothes swapping and selling.

You could even try using websites like eBay to get rid of your old junk. eBay is a great place to try and sell your old items as they’ll take pretty much anything, so you can easily turn a profit on almost any item that you were originally planning on throwing out. Sell DVDs, toys, electronics like retro
consoles and clothes, and depending on the quality of the items you could make a fair bit.

Other than eBay there are also specialist sites that will take old cell phones and give you cash in return so you can use old phones that are clogging up a drawer and put them towards buying yourself a new cell.

But it’s not just old gadgets you can even get rid of any scrap metal you have lying around the house rather than taking to a local dump. For example you could take it to a scrap dealer if its brass bathroom fixtures or any leftover wiring from DIY you’ve being doing around your home. You can even do the same for any old car parts if you’re replacing your car, even if it’s an insurance write-off.

So rather than having the local mechanic cash in, just ask for it back and then take it to a scrap yard yourself for a tidy profit.You can also take the same approach for any old cans or tins that you have lying around as the aluminium can often be quite valuable to either scrap traders or local recycling centers.

But it’s not just outright selling of items that can be profitable, some people have taken to turning their old recyclable items into art. This option can be quite a good way to earn some extra money since it’s relatively easy to make recycling items into small pieces of art and it takes little to no time at all. These artistic items also tend to sell quite well if you find the right place like a craft market or fete since everyone loves that handmade feel that your items will have.

So although it may not initially seem like it there’s actually a huge market and a ton of money that can be made from selling on your old recyclable items. So the next time you’re sorting through anything that you’re thinking about throwing out, why not see if you can sell any of them on for a
profit instead.