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As a former educator and lover of literacy, I am a supporter of anything that gets kids excited about reading. When technology and “screen time” promote education, reading practice, and build fluency, you have something that will not only attract a child’s attention, but teach them at the same time. Kazaz! is an exciting new app from American Story Channel that combines sight, sound, and kazaz3touch to maximize your child’s learning experience.

Kazaz! seeks to make reading a fully immersive experience for young readers. The app is geared towards children ages 3-8, and allows children the opportunity to expand on story-time with additional information, activities, hidden interactive touch features, and sound.

I am a big believer in children listening to models of proper reading. When a child listens to a story being read by a competent reader, he/she gains an understanding of fluency, phrasing, diction, and expression. He/she has the opportunity to follow along, hearing the words while looking at the words on the screen. This app ties in beautifully to what many teachers across the country are doing in their classrooms as they daily have their students listen to reading. (It’s critical!!)

Check out a sneak peek at this new reading app!

Kazaz! on the App Store from Kazaz! on Vimeo.

My own children loved searching for the hidden interactive pieces within the stories. My daughter called it “the magic.” Isn’t that what we want – for kazaz2reading to be magical?! I know my kids will be coming back to this app to hear more stories.

This is a brand-new app, so stay tuned for more stories and developments!

Kazaz! extends the story experience with activities and information available on the Kazaz! Kids website and via Kazaz! Post, the planet’s exclusive newspaper.

   Kazaz! will take advantage of Apple TV, so in the future the app can be enjoyed on the big screen, where the experience may be amplified with additional sights and sounds. Also coming soon, video versions of the stories will appear on the Kazaz! Kids YouTube Channel.

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